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Someone that is an affiliate in marketing would be using many tools.


The home office is where most of the work is performed.

One the most overlooked but most useful tool is the multifunctional printer.


With one appliance one can perform a variety of tasks that keep an

affiliates marketing plan running smoothly. This can all be linked to an era

long past.


The fifteenth century was the start of the book publishing industry that

opened the door to the sharing of all sorts of ideas which spawned other

great ideas.


Knowledge spread in all aspects of life.


Of course when an idea is developed then someone else comes up with a

new way to do it better and after a few of those cycles photocopying and

other forms of mass printing showed up on the scene in its infancy.



No home office or home kitchen table office is complete without a printer.


Yes, we all did without a printer at one point in time but can you still remember

when you got that first one.


Now I am getting somewhere you thought and all was good till the cartridge

needed refilling…again…then again. Well, you get the point.


Life is good when your printer is working as it should, now isn’t it.


But now when you run out of ink and


to get a cartridge and put it

in and it still will not work…that’s just

wrong. Life … well you know.


I guess for all intent purposes the two

types of printers would mainly be the

ink-jet and the laser printer.


The inkjet is the idea home office printer. It is great for small quantities of

documents and colored images. Inkjet printers will do a

good job but they need to use on a regular basis.


Once a week or two would be a good standard to go by because if an inkjet

sits for a very long, the cartridges have a tendency to dry up. Bad day.


The inkjet printer is the more economical choice for a start-up but then you

will have the cost of the refill cartridges.


Always look at the box at the store before you purchase a printer to see

what cartridge it takes then walk over to the next aisle and see what the

replacement cost is going to be in comparison to the others and the availability.


They have developed some new and hybrid inks that are cheaper to the

consumer.and should be something to consider when looking for a new



Inkjet is better for photos.


The difference between the laser and the inkjet is that the laser uses toner

cartridge and not ink cartridges. A toner cartridge can last up to 50% longer

than an inkjet cartridge.


They won’t dry out and could be called powdered ink. I have heard that if

toner leaks it can be a mess.


If you do a large volume of printing text and medium quality colored

images are all you need then the laser printer would be a good selection.

All In One – The Scanner Comes On The Scene

The advent of the scanner brought old documents back to life.




You can lay a letter or document in a scan bed, cover it up, scan it and save

that image to any file that you would like on your computer for later use.


As of 2013 about all manufacturers were producing multifunctional

printers including color printing. Ninety-five percent of all home offices are

using this all in one technology.ALL-IN-ONE-PRINTER


An affiliate in marketing can now

own a good machine for under forty

dollars, that will print, copy, scan.


I am starting to see more and more of those

machines with a fax built-in coming into the

affordable retail market as well.


Do you need a fax? I don’t.


Do you send many documents out or receive a large number.


You may consider looking into one.

If you have not faxed anything in the past month, then I would say no.


You can go online and email anything that you scan or have on your

computer to a service that will fax to about any country in the world.


There are some that are Us and Canada only. Some have a free one-month

trial membership and some are free with 3-page maximum and only 5 per



The free online faxes will almost always have some sort of ad on the cover

page or one off the other pages.


You can pay a few bucks and send one ad-free.



All inks are not the same.


Some are different colors 🙂RED-INK-BLOT


But no really, there are hybrid inkjet

inks coming on to the market and


that means the black is pigmented

and the colors are dyes.


I priced an All-in-One a few days ago and I

checked on the refill cartridges and the color

was almost half the cost of a non-hybrid ink.


The total price of a combo ( one black and one color ink cartridge).


Inks will almost always differ in composition from one brand or

manufacturer to another.


Some instances there will even be a difference in the same brand from

model to model.


Its kinda like the Colonel’s Recipe and companies consider different

formulas a trade secret.


Tips and Tricks

They do sell ink refill kits that you refill yourself but companies frown on

you buying ink from someone else and saving a little money.


Some have safeguards like a message saying YOU ARE USING A USED

CARTRIDGE but there are still ways around that in your settings. You can

buy refill kits online or at your local print shop.


There are other ways to save money and would be by reducing the amount

of ink that you use.


There are certain fonts you can use that have been designed to reduce the

amount of ink required to print a letter.


Century Gothic, Calibri, Times New Roman all are fonts that require less in

per letter.


Ecofont is a font that when a letter is printed will have a continuous line of

very small dots with no ink all through each letter and the ink will wick

across making it.


When I clicked on Ecofont it brought me to the sales page.


There are other types of eco fonts available and many more that are in the

development mode.


Google eco fonts and check it out.


One way to reduce the amount of ink you use is to just print what you need

and not the whole article or document.


Most of the printers today come with software that will

enable one to tweak its printing options to reduce its

consumption of ink.


Take Away

The printer is often overlooked as a way for an affiliate in marketing or any

type of work online to optimize time and money and reduce the costs of

working from home.


But armed with the facts one can maximize his efforts and keep things

running smooth.


The price of home office equipment has come way down and functions and

options continue to increase making the affiliate marketing home office an

affordable well-oiled machine.


For training that can make you a more efficient online marketer check out

Wealthy Affiliate and try the starter membership at no charge.


Please if you have  any questions or comments just leave them below and I

will get back to you soon.



All The Best

Paul Price


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