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Best Free Blog Website – Top 3 Sites of 2019

Looking For The Best Free Blog Website


Before you start looking for the best place to build a free blog website there are

a few other things to consider first.

Let us get a good understanding of all the components involved with a blog.


A blog is an article that has a main topic or theme and provides

value to the reader in terms of information.


The World Wide Web being the information highway is a valuable resource to

the blogger who receives traffic fueled by the interest of the people entering this

highway looking for an answer from their internet search.


Through rules and prerequisites set by the search engines, the blogger supplies

the reader not only with information but also provides portals (links) within their

content to products and services that they may find useful relating to that topic.


Write for yourself first & foremost. Ignore the fact that anyone else will read what

you write, just focus on your thoughts, ideas, opinions and

figure out how to put it to words.


Deliver those words in the way of a written conversation and in the same way

that you would want someone to explain something to you.

Always be fair and honest.


Here is Wikipedia’s definition of a Blog along with the

history and most interesting origin.



WIX Website Builder

Wix is available for free for as long as you want, but if you require professional

features like your own domain name or priority support, you must choose from

one of their six premium plans ranging from “Connect Domain” to “Business VIP”.


All of which have different price points. The starting plan is free

but comes with ads in all of your pages.

For ad-free plans you can upgrade to paid subscription starting at $8.50 per month.




  • Has an assigned domain name


  • Has ads on every page


  • Storage is only up to 500MB


  • Maximum of 500MB bandwidth


  • Has customer support


  • comments and Google analytic features does not include online pay





  • Free Setup


  • Free website hosting


  • Premium support


  • Google analytic


  • Domain connection


  • More than 500MB storage and bandwidth



There are also premium upgrades available and some add-on features that are not

covered in the monthly subscription.






Joining is free and just takes a few clicks.

Above are the choices that you are presented with when you first join Wix.

Since we are interested in building a website for blogging we would click on the BLOG tab.

Then the screen below will pop up:




If you opt to have Wix build your site for you with the pre-made templates and options, then

you would click on the blue oval button on the left that says Start Now.


You will be taken to several screens with questions about your website. The first being:


What type of site do you want to create?


Across from this on the same page will be a line for your entry along with a few suggestions:


  • Fashion Blog


  • News Blog


  • Blogger


  • Health Blog


  • Business Blog



These are only suggestions and as soon as you start typing your topic of interest on the line you will get

further suggestions that will pop under the search bar.


I typed in Motorcycle Touring and this is what my entry looks like and the related results that popped





It turns out that you have to pick a title from the related results. The thin gray line on the

right side of the box is what you use to scroll through the selections.


I tried to scroll and count the number of selections that were provided and got to 100

when the scroll bar reached about halfway down the box so I am going to estimate

about 200 results, maybe more.


I settled for the title  Motorcycle Shop then clicked on the NEXT button on the

bottom right of the page.


On the next page you will get a prompt asking you:


Does your website need any of these features?



  • Sell online



  • Take bookings & appointments



  • Get subscribers


I ticked Get Subscribers and then clicked NEXT on the bottom right on the page.

(Each page also has a SKIP button and a BACK to the last page feature as well).

After hitting next, the page that came into view asked:


What is the name of your business or website?


You enter your name on the line on the right side of the page then again hit the NEXT button.


This page wants to know the address of your business. If there is no physical address

you pick SKIP, which I did.


The following page is an edit page where you can add social media,

, phone number, and email.

There is also a round image portal for you to upload a picture or image.


Then hit NEXT again and go here:




OK, I picked SPARK in the upper right. That took me to a page where I had 3 templates to choose from.

What I did not like was that I could not go back and preview another style.

I guess you need to make sure you like what you pick.

This  dashboard is where you edit your website with all the different options and then publish:



I did find out that you can go to the SITE tab at the top of your dash, then click.

A menu opens with several tabs, one of which is CREATE NEW SITE and

that takes you all way back to the beginning and you can start over.


Let’s go back to near the beginning to the screen where you picked the option to let

Wix create your website.


We are going to explore the other option on the right where you create your website

with the Wix editor.


Clicking on this option brings you here:



This option brings you to a page where you will have 500 themes to scroll through and view.

You have the ability to view each theme before you pick the one you want.


Then you pick your options editing your site with animation, video backgrounds, and scroll

effects, personalizing the website and making it yours.



In addition to the rich editing platform, Wix also offers in its arsenal

the Wix App Market which is filled with over 250 web apps.


These powerful services and amazing features are designed to enhance your

website and grow your business. Some of the apps are free to use and

easy to add to your site with just a few clicks.


There are many menus to go through with plenty of options to choose from.

With both options, there is an upgrade available for Google analytics to be

integrated into the platform and social media settings.


Wix Support


This is the Wix support center where you can access their database of question and answers.

I could not locate a direct contact feature for Wix in this support area.

Weebly Website Builder

Do-It-Yourself Website Builder offering a 1-Year Free Domain with Photo & Video Gallery.

This website builder boasts several upscale features including:


  • Drag Drop builder with no coding required


  • Customer support


  • Services: SEO Wizard, Email Marketing Platform


Weebly has widgets and apps you that you can use, including image galleries, slideshows,

maps, audio, search box and more.


Besides using the default list of widgets you can also use the embedded code option.

You can add as many elements to a page as you need.


A blog on your Weebly site is easy in setting up and configuring.


The system lets you launch an amazing blog in several minutes by making

use of the drag-and-drop feature.


You will be able to:


  • schedule posts


  • pre-select social media sharing options for scheduled articles


  •  commenting systems, including Facebook, Disqus, and Weebly


  • specify meta tags for individual posts


  • add custom headers and footers


  •  30-day trial.




Free ($0): implies the use of the major functions of the website builder.

With a drag-and-drop editor, 500MB of disk space, a Weebly subdomain, and SSL security.


Websites created with the free plan has ads displayed on them.

This plan doesn’t provide any eCommerce options so it’s impossible to launch a web store with it.


Pricing Option Cost Features

Connect: $4/mo


  • 500 Mb Disk Space


  • Domain


  • Weebly Ads Display



Starter :$8/mo


  • Unlimited Disk Space


  • Domain Connect


  • No Weebly Ads


In Addition to the Above



Pro: $12/mo


  • Site Search


  • Membership


  • Video Backgrounds


In Addition to the Above



  • SSL Security


  • Unlimited Products;


  • Digital Goods


In Addition to the Above



  • Gift Cards


  • Real-Time Shipping Rates


  • Email Campaigns





Typing in I ended up on a landing page where I clicked on a get started button then ended up

on a signup page where I entered my name, email, and password.


From there I came to the page that you see above. Clicking the first NOT NOW option on the left brings

me to the page you see below:



This page you see above has a menu on the top portion of the page with these headings:


  • Business –  35 Themes


  • Portfolio –  28 Themes


  • Personal –  22 Themes


  • Event –  29 Themes


  • Blog –  22 Themes


  • Other – 29 Themes


You can click on each tab to view the many themes that Weebly has to offer. Many of the themes

be used in more than one category and are listed multiple times throughout the menu.


They are all good-looking themes with crisp images and different structures with plenty of options.


Picking a theme you will get a full-screen preview. This is much better than 40 or 50 percent screen

view as it allows you to actually see the same image that someone

else will when they click on your site.


If you like what you see then you can click on the start editing button which brings

you to the editing dashboard but with one other thing to do first.


It will have an overlay screen for you to enter your name for your URL to your website.


If you already own one this is where you start the transfer process. Picking a free one

provided by Weebly will look like this:


After you make your entries the overlay goes away and your website editor will be visible:





This editor is laid out in a very simple way but is packed with many options and sub-options allowing

anyone to create a beautiful and powerful website.


Going back and picking the store or E-commerce option I must say that Weebly did not leave anything out.

I made an e-commerce website with wrist watches as a theme in just a few minutes.


This is the store dashboard :




There are Apps to add functions to your website very similar to the plugins that WordPress uses to add

functionality and automation to the webmaster. This is what the app menu page looks like:




Below are the four app categories and the apps that are available within that selection.


Spike Sales – Set up Sales Channels and Manage Campaigns


  • Boost Sales – Upsale and cross sell to increase the average value


  • Printful – Custom Printing & Fulfillment Services Free


  • Check out Boost – Social Sharing, Countdown Timer, Premium


  • Sales Pop – Show live sales notifications on store. Free


  • Store Metrics – Analytics & Insights for Weebly Store Free / Premium


  • Price Chart – Build a Custom Pricing Table Free


  • McAfee – SECURE Show visitors your site is secure. Free / Premium


  • Forms – Add lead capture forms to your website. Free / Premium


  • Testimonials – Boost your Credibility Premium


  • Promo Bar – Responsive and Fully Customizable Bar Free / Premium


  • Testimonial Builder – Testimonials & Reviews – Google Results Free / Premium

GET SOCIAL– Social Media Apps


  • Social Sharing – Get more social shares and followers Free / Premium


  • Social Media Grid – Display any Instagram fee on your site Free / Premium


  • Social Feed – Display posts in a streaming social feed Free / Premium


  • Testimonials – Boost your credibility Premium


  • Facebook Like – Let anyone like your page on Facebook Free


  • Better Coupon Box – Create beautiful website pop-ups free / Premium


  • Social Media Stream – Stream any social post to your website Free / Premium


  • Dockvine – Smart social icons $0 – $4.00


  • eClincher – Powerful social media marketing app Premium


  • Comments Plus – Comments Free / Premium


Boost Traffic – Apps to Improve Your Search Ranking


  • Promote Forms – Lead capture forms for your website Free / Premium


  • Stats and Marketing – Market on search engines Free / Premium


  • Site Booster – Get found on maps and search engines Free / Premium


  • MarketGoo – The easiest SEO and web marketing tool Free / Premium


  • Positionly – SEO monitoring tools Premium


  • Super Titles – SEO titles with style Premium


  • rankingCoach – DYI online marketing. Be successful Premium


  • Traffic Booster – Drive more traffic to your site Premium


  • Privy – Grow your email list Free / Premium


  • Boost Suite – Instant free advertising for new sites Free / Premium


  • Welcome Bar – Post news, collect emails, boost sharing Free / Premium



Made By Weebly – Top Apps for Your Site


G Suite – Get Gmail for your Weebly website Premium


FAQ – Create a dedicated FAQ section or page Free


Price Chart – Build a custom pricing table Free


Team Cards – Build beautiful team pages Free


Counter – Animated number counter for your website Free


Tabs – Showcase website content in tabs Free


Accordion – Display top content on your website Free


Code Block – Display code at a glance Free


Simple Table – Add a table to your website Free


Eventbrite – Display upcoming events and sell tickets Free


Call-out box – Call attention to important content Free


Promote Forms – Add lead capture forms to your website Free / Premium


SimpleChat – Customer support from anywhere Premium


There more apps that you can browse through under the app tab.


I counted a total of 82 apps available with 56 of those being free.


Weebly Support



This is Weebly support console. You can enter a search in the search bar and gain access

to their database of similar questions and answers.


They also have a CONTACT US feature which is powered by Solvy, an artificial

intelligence support platform.



Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder

Wealthy Affiliates platform is integrated with the most popular and successful platform in the world.

The founders, Kyle and Carson, took their world-class Training, Keyword Research Tool, Support

Structures, and Design Layout and seamlessly integrated it with the most popular

and successful web platform today, WordPress.


The links below highlight the best of The Wealthy Affiliate.

















About us


Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership and a Premium Membership:


Free – Free Forever


Premium – 49.00 Monthly Subscription


Doing an internet search I came up the main page below




I entered my email then clicked GET STARTED and was directed to a page where I entered my

email, name, username, and password. Then clicked on the GET STARTED NOW button.


That brought me to the Take the Tour button which was an overview of the highlights of

Wealthy Affiliate, These are the highlights that make up the tour.


Your Account & Profile.

Control your personality within WA, add to your personal blog, and manage your account settings.


Activity Dashboard.

Your interactive and personalized community activity feed. Check this out each and

every time you come into WA!


World Class Training.

Access your “core” training courses, classrooms, and your training history where

1,000’s of training resources await you.


Your Websites.

Create and manage your profit ready websites within the most sophisticated

website platform in the world.


Live Events.

Get education directly from industry experts. Take part in live online classes

and take your knowledge to new heights!


Keyword & Research Platform

Instantly research keywords, find domains, uncover niches, brainstorm ideas

and analyze your websites.


Live Chat Instant Coaching.

Get instant help and coaching. Jump into a live chat and interact in real-time

with fellow aspiring and successful internet



24/7 Help Center.

Never get stuck again. Post community questions, website/hosting support,

ask your personal coach for help, or jump in a live chat.


Search 10,000’s of Useful Resources.

Looking for an answer to your questions? Looking for someone? Looking for training?

Just one search away.


You Are a Creator.

Post on your WA Blog, create training, write an article, build a website,

or find that perfect domain name.

You are in control.


WA Credits, Our Currency.

Earn credits by performing specific tasks, then use these credits to purchase

a variety of things related to your business.


The Lucrative WA Affiliate Program.

Access one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the world. Advanced training, resources,

tools and support for affiliates. We pay out MILLIONS annually


Super Affiliate Challenge of 3s.00 Sale

Take part in an exclusive, all-expense-paid, Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. Earn 300 sales and

step into luxury with the top affiliate marketers in the world.


Real-time Personalized Notifications.

Know when someone has contacted you, responded to your questions,

and get other important system alerts.


Private Coaching, Mentoring & Interaction.

As a Premium member, you can get private coaching, mentoring, support,

and the ability to network and create “million dollar” relationships.


Here is a link showcasing the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate makes available

to the free member with no time limit or expiration:


When you get to the last panel of the tour you will hit the FINISH button

and will be whisked away to your WA Dashboard.

Below is the dashboard:



This is the main menu inside of WA. On the far right is where the real-time chat feature is located.

It is where people with online businesses at WA can ask questions about there website.


The membership count is over a million strong and with so many members that have

been with WA and doing well with there businesses they are happy to pay it forward

by helping others in WA.


The middle top of the page can be edited to showcase several options. This one is showing

the progress in WA’s training module.


Below that is where new members are introduced. Just under that is the location

of WA’s internal blog feature that members use to educate others, get exposure

and getting ranked within the Google search engine.


The far left is where members access all the features that are available at WA.


This post is primarily about finding the best free blog website and I will try

and stay in form with that in mind.


At times the upgraded version will be part of the conversation but only to

make the free version more clearly understood.


OK, back to the menu on the far left


Dashboard Pictured above


TrainingWa is best known for its world-class training that comes in the

form of not only recorded courses and their classes but also live events that are

scheduled held every Friday evening and followed by a live Q&A session.


Qualified members also offer their expertise with lessons and tips to help the other members.



Websites This tab opens up to the submenu that you see below:


Site Manager

Access your websites + Site Health



Site Builder

Build your website



Site Domains

Find, register & manage your domains



Site Content

The Ultimate Writing Platform



Site Comments

Get comments on your pages & posts



Site Feedback

Get feedback on your websites



Site Support

Technical support for your websites


The next tab in the main menu dashboard is:


Live Events – This where you access the live training and also the huge

library of recorded past live training events.


Each session is about an hour long and they go back to 2012. A great resource and wealth of knowledge for

anyone wanting to learn how to make money on the internet.



Research This is home to Wa’s keyword research tool Jaxxy. This a tool that will up

anybody’s game in the online business world.


Here is a portal so you can experience a bit of keyword research. Go ahead and type in a keyword

associated with what you are thinking about blogging about. You may be surprised.





Live Chat – This is the community chat feature that I told you about earlier, however this

link will take  you away from the dashboard so you can chat without any distraction

from the other functions that are busy and ongoing in WA.



Help Center This is WA’s Support Center:




Each 1 of the 4 buttons in the upper portion of the above image is a link to a

very powerful support system.


The three people below that are Kyle and Carson the Founders of Wealthy

affiliate and the gentleman beside Kyle and Carson would be where your

referrer would be pictured.


Last but not least there will be eight of the top performers assigned

to help out with support. These can change from day to day.


This level of support is unparalleled anywhere else on the internet when looking

for a free blogging website or any kind of website for that matter.


Let’s go ahead and click on the link SITE BUILDER in the sub-menu above.


Below is where we end up:






We can click on the free domain box and that takes us here:




You get 2 free websites with free membership and there is no

expiration or  time limit which makes this an excellent choice

for a place to get your free blog website.


This would be a great place to get started blogging.


I have had a request by a gentleman by the name of Carlos who asked about a comparison of Wealthy

Affiliate and Wix, so I put this together.

Wix Membership Options:

Wix Features

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships







The Wix platform offers a free domain including hosting. It is a sub-domain and looks like this:

Additionally, Wix offers a voucher for a free .com for a period of one year if you upgrade to one of three of the four upgrades. The three premium upgrades to choose would be a monthly subscription and the cost:




After one year you would be charged an additional 14.95@ year for your domain.

You can transfer a domain but would have to upgrade to one of the premium upgrades in doing so.

Take Away


I have outlined what I think to be the 3 best free websites on which to start a blog.

Each site does pretty much the same thing but with different looks and mechanics

designed to make the users experience a positive one.


Once you start blogging your next goal is to monetize your blog. This takes work

and a bit of know how. Just because you write good content doesn’t

mean that people are going to discover you.


You need a plan.

You need to learn how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and metadata works

to get your site in front of eager readers.


With that being said you want a website builder that has excellent support along

with the right training that anyone can follow and implement along with a

responsive 24/7 help system.


More detailed information can be accessed here about what I consider

one of the best premium website builders today.


If you have any comments or questions relating to this article please feel free to enter them below. I will

respond to you as soon as possible.


Your The Best


Paul Price

30 thoughts on “Best Free Blog Website – Top 3 Sites of 2019

  1. The writer  contrasts 3 websites, to show us differing costs,,and facilities available.

    They are WIX Website Builder,Weebly Website Builder,and Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder. All three have trial or free  options with upgrades available.

    The WIX website builder,has 6 options ranging from,Connect domain,to Business VIP, at differing costs,and features.

    You are offered two choices for building websites,

    We now come to the WEEBLY website builder.They offer you a one year free domain,with photo and video gallery.

    They also give you,customer support and an E-mail platform.

    A Blog on your site is easy to set up,which is helped by the drag and drop feature.

    The last and according to,the author the best, and most popular website builder in the world,is the Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder.

    It has great and world class training,the most popular website platform.

    The major points of the system, are home, education,websites, hosting, domains,and community.

    They  offer 2 systems and both are amazing.1/ the free forever system,which has many websites,and many free resources.

    Also there is the Premium system,for $49.00 monthly,

    • Thank you Robert for your time and comments. 

      I think it is important to compare the many options available to people in todays internet. Having options is always a good thing and the free or trial componet gives one a chance to get their feet wet and get a running start.

  2. This is a site that shows you,how to set up a blog or website.

            ..The WIX website builder,is free to start with, but if you want, there are 6 levels,from Connect Domain to Business VIP.

    These come with increasing costs, and expanding facilities, as you require.

    This comes with 2 services, firstly where  WIX will create a website for you.They will then ask you various questions as to what you want,etc etc.

    The second option, is they will assist you, to build your own website,with various templates,that are available.

              Then there is the Weebly Website Builder, a do it yourself project.

    This has a one year free domain,with a photo,and video library.customer support,E-mail marketing platform,widgets and apps that you can use,drag and drop builder,and many other features.

               The third option which is displayed is Wealthy Affiliate Website builder, which is the most popular,and successful platform in the world.Wealthy affiliate offers a free(forever) site.Or Premium,which is $49.00 monthly.

     Taking the tour shows you 1/ your account and profile,2/your activity dashboard,3/ world class training,( often live lectures)4/ your websites,(25 for both the options)5/ Live events,with online classes,and 8 other features,for you

    how are we to choose which website to engage,? What are the parameters of our interests and desires.?

    These I believe will determine our choice, and may you choose wisely, you can make your fortune!!

  3. Blogging is great. I love blogging everyday.I had a display business where I designed displays and boxes.

    I built an awesome website on Wix. I have to say that it’s an easy program to work with and it does a great job!It was a website that I was constantly changing and Wix makes it a joy to work with.

    But I found another platform which I enjoy even more, Wealthy Affiliate.I got so used to building my website through Wealthy Affiliate with WordPress and it is awesome!

    So, I’ve done both and they worked for me. Wealthy Affiliate has awesome training whereas Wix was something I had to learn by myself.

  4. Hey Paul, just came upon your post and gave it a read. I wanted to throw in my personal endorsement for the Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder you talk about in your article here. I made a decision last fall to go with this platform and very happy with my choice. To any and all of your readers: if you are looking for a genuine, trustworthy and complete package I strongly recommend you give Wealthy Affiliate a shot. The amount of tools and training you get for free is simply amazing. 

    • Thank you Miles for your time and comments.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliates platform including the editor and training coupled with the most widely used open source blogging platform ( WordPress ) in the world, makes it a top notch community.

  5. In addition to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform I am intrigued by Wix.I would like to see a comparison between the two.Especially on the cost of hosting the website.The price you indicate for Wix is just for one website.Are additional websites hosted for free ?Also the cost of Wix appears to increase with all the options available.I would like to see a comparison side by side when similar options are considered. Is it possible to transfer an on going website to the Wix platform?.I must disclose the fact that I am a very satisfied Wealthy Affiliate member, but I am always looking at all my options. 

    • Carlos,

      Thank you for your time and your comment.

      After your question concerning comparisons, I tweaked that post and added a comparison of Wix and Wealthy Affiliate.

      As for cost, Wix has the free version with a sub-domain similar to WA except Wix places adds on your website. 

      They also offer a free .com voucher good for one year at which time your domain would cost you 14.95 yearly there after.

      You can transfer a domain but would have to upgrade to one of the premium upgrades in doing so. Those upgrades are $11.00/$19.00/$29.00 with added features respectively.

  6. As a beginner in online entrepreneurship, one would always be looking to save money and when building a site for the first time it is advised to start with a free website builder before going to a paid domain name. When I first started online I made use of the wealthyaffiliate site builder which is siterubix and I was able to use it to build out my site. From the platform it was a simple click click process and I was able to get my site running in no time.

    The other options you listed are also great and I have seen people making use of them. Good step by step direction you laid out and would help when intending to make use of these site builders.

  7. This is a very thorough and informative article. You have done a lot of work researching about this. I recently joined the blogging space and I always find relevant content on the Internet to assist me. I am a member of wealthy affiliate, and if you ask me, I think wealthy affiliate is the better platform amongst the three options. Even though I was not privy to the services of Weebly and Wix, I have now learned enough from your blog and still I find wealthy affiliate the better option. I am keen to find out what your recommendation is.Many thanks

    • Thank you for your time and relevant comment.

      To answer your question I would have to say out of the three I would have to recommend Wealthy Affiliate on the extensive training alone that is included in part with the free option and in length with the premium version. If Wealthy Affiliate were taken out of the equation I believe I would go with Weebly as they have the most recent upgrade.

  8. This is one of the best reviews on Free website builder I have ever read.

    I do appreciate the length you have gone with it in explaining every detail there is and what one can expect when going there.

    I have some experience with Weebly web builder and it went okay for me until I came to Wealthy Affiliate over 4 years ago.

    Since then, I never looked back. For me, Wealthy Affiliate has and teaches everything someone needs to build a website and create a business with it.

    Again, a great article I couldn’t agree more with its content.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. They all look like good options but being a biased member of Wealthy Affiliate of course that is the one Im going to choose.  I have used Weebly before.  (A few years ago) and I remember it to be fairly easy to use.

    This was a great article with very in depth information.  It is great that you are giving your readers options.

    I look forward to reading many more great reviews from you.


  10. Thank you for sharing with us this great article on best free blog website.I am very sure that many people including me like free services before paying anything.

    The blog website you recommended are great and I have used one of them called Wealthy Affiliate and I am very satisfied with its services.

    Free membership can help to earn money which is almost impossible for many platforms.

  11. This post is really informative and educational. I told a friend my desire to build a blog so I can start an online business through posting my articles and doing other educational stuff and he recommended Wealthy Affiliate to me which I tried and I really love it because I learned need to know information about blogging and it assisted me in building my blog. I love the features of other website but I had a nice experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

  12. Thanks for this article on the best three (3) platforms to create a free blog. I know about WIX and I know that is very great when it comes to web design, but I never knew it could be used for free. I don’t like the idea of getting ads on my blog. So if I will go for WIX, I think the Premium package will be my choice.

    I don’t know about Weebly and how it works, but thanks for sharing and letting me know about it. I now have some additional information on where to create some free blogs. 

    But I think among the 3, My #1 choice will be Wealthy Affiliate, looking at all the beautiful features you shared. I especially like the Keyword tool they offer on their platform since it is one of the key resources needed to be able to achieve success online.

    I will look more into their platform later and see if it will be worth joining. Once again, thanks for sharing.


  13. Hi Paul! Thank you very much for these useful tips concerning blogging. I had read a bit about blogging in other sites, but they use a very difficult terminology. And I had started to feel a bit disappointed. But much to my surprise, I could understand everything you explain in this post.

    Concerning choosing between Wix, Weebley and Wealthy Affiliate (they all start with W, is there a reason for that?), after reading the features each one has, I pick Wealthy Affiliate. There seem to be much more benefits in this later platform, that to me, it seems a no-brainer.

    • Thank you Henry for your time and comments. I would say that the day that I wrote the articles was on Wednesday and was the reason they all started with W but…it was just a coincidence.

  14. Hi Paul – I enjoyed reading and learning about the three different website builders that are available.  You were very thorough and I found your article very informative and pertinent to me.

    I have a question for you.  Out of the Wix, Weebly, and Wealthy Affiliate website builders, which ones have you tried?  Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on which one to choose?

    Thank you,


    • Thank you Michele for your time and comments.

      I use Wealthy Affiliate to write and publish my work. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate on the training alone that is made available in part to free members and in length with the premium version. 

  15. I have heard of Weebly and Wix but have never tried them, although I like the look of their websites. I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate platform for a number of years now to do my blogging and actually haven’t needed to look elsewhere, as everything I need is there, including all the training.

    It almost seems like too much work to go and explore another platform.

    The best part is now my blogs are starting to bring me sales every month with minimum effort, so it is a great form of passive income for me.

    • Thank you Michel for your time and comments.

      Congratulation to you on your success with WA and I wish you the best going forward and may many sales fill your inbox.

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