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  • Feng shui is an ancient art and science that was formalized over 3,000 years ago in China. In literal Feng means breath of the earth or “wind” and shui means “water.”
  • In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune. Conversely, bad feng shui means bad luck or misfortune.



Feng Shui your Affiliate Marketing would be placing yourself and objects

within a given space to positively affect levels of accomplishment.


It is the knowledge that teaches us how to balance energies in our life



Its ultimate goal is to give one a sense of good fortune for the people

inhabiting a space.


Feng shui has had an impact on interior design and the layout of both living

and working spaces in its native eastern and western cultures.


Good fortune fosters a good feeling or euphoric sense that comes with

better health, profitable business, and love.


Feng Shui practice includes detailed tips for almost every area of your life.


The main tools used in aligning the Feng Shui of any space are the feng shui

compass and the bagua.


For our use, a common compass will do just fine.

I used a compass on my phone.


For the purpose of my readers I am not going to try and go into the ancient

art of this form of balancing one’s life but am going to try and combine


what I have researched about the two forms of Feng Shui mixed with my

western culture point of view in the same way that I am trying to Feng


Shui my affiliate marketing and home office.


The two forms of Feng Shui are the Classical School, the bagua map is

defined according to the compass direction of the home’s front door, and


the BTB feng shui school (sometimes called the Western school) the front

door’s compass direction is not relevant.


I am in no way an expert of Feng Shui but am interested in ways that

ancient people used their surroundings to positively affect their lives and

the way it affected the lives of the people that they came in contact with.


I firmly believe that aligning oneself to a positive mindset, in whatever

manner that may be, will only benefit that person as they strive for a better

outcome in their endeavors.


It’s all in the details and this ancient art of Feng Shui breaks it down into a

science or micro details.

Determining Your Money / Wealth Area


In the classic, feng shui school, the wealth or money area is considered to be

the southeast corner of your home or office space.


However, in the Western or BTB feng shui school, the money area is the

upper left area of your space as viewed

from a floor plan perspective.


I chose to go with the southeast sector of

my room for my desk but if that area is


not available to you try the upper left of

space as if you were facing north, looking down at your room as a


printed floor plan.


First, take your compass and stand in the main doorway of your office area

facing out as if you were exiting your work area.


Hold the compass level and rotate the compass so that the marked side of

the needle is pointing north.


Determine the southeast area of your home office by the orientation of the



The southeast area of this space is your area of energy for money and

wealth and is where you want to set your desk up.


If there is a closet, doorway, or some other obstruction just rotate to the

south till you locate a clear area.


This will do just fine.


Defining an area of money and wealth is building a positive mindset that

will carry through to Feng Shui your Affiliate Marketing and daily activities.

Decorate Your Space



Use vibrant colors to decorate your feng shui money area and other decors

that flows or blends well with your primary theme.


This is your home office where you manage finances and other work.

You will want to include things made of wood, which represent money and



The pictures of oceans, rivers, and lakes

represent water, which gives energy to

the wood.


Purple and green are also colors of prosperity and

can be used as your mindset unfolds.


You can also use mirrors, plants, and small icons that symbolize Feng Shui

in your home office and affiliated undertakings.


Details my friend…details.


A sailing ship symbolizes the abundance brought by the winds and water.

The symbolic Feng Shui wealth ship represents energy and the abundance

of necessities of life.


Placing a feng shui wealth ship in your home office is said to bring better

wealth and fortune, as well as the increase of business and profits.


A wooden schooner looks pretty cool too.


The placement of mirrors can also strengthen the energy of abundance in

your home office and reflects your surroundings as a place of positive


The Quality of Air and of Light



The quality of air and light in your home office, are the two things that will

affect you without your consciousDESKTOP-(LEFT)-GREEN-BUSH-(CENTER)-LAPTOP-(RIGHT)-DESK-LAMP



If your brain is not getting a


full charge of oxygen and your body


does not get enough light, you will start finding other things to do and will not enjoy being in your home

office no matter how much you love your job.


Consider investing in full-spectrum lights and bring at least a couple of air-

purifying plants into your home office to Feng Shui your Affiliate


Marketing. The energy of plants will refresh not only the energy of your

space but also your own energy.


Negative Flow ( Yin )



Clutter is at the top of my list and can keep me from being focused on the

task at hand when I am blogging or planning an online strategy.


How many times have you stopped typing and looked up and saw a piece of

paper or a thing-of-jig and wondered, “What’s that,” and 30 minutes later

find yourself looking back at the screen to see where you stopped.


Here are a few things that can create negativity in your workplace:



  • clutter



  • big toolboxes



  • laundry basket



  • unpaid bills



  • sad or lonely images


  • broken things



  • paper shredder

Positive Flow ( Yang )



Start with creating a yang space with inviting colors of yellows or oranges

that helps boost creativity in individuals.


Go for these accent colors for the desk, upholstery or cabinets. Garnish the

space with subtle colors for area rugs and curtains.





A standing wooden desk with soft or rounded edges is an ideal choice for

the office.


Smaller wooden accent tables with green leafy plants to replenish the

oxygen in the room are excellent choices.


Here are a few things that I will be looking for to improve the energy of my

home office.



  • Decorative Desk Art



  • Clean Desk



  • Good Lighting



  • Comfortable Temperature



  • Wooden Furniture



  • Oil that squeaky chair and hard to pull out drawer  🙂

Take Away

Everything is connected.


Whether it be ancient Feng Shui, Yin Yang, or Western Cultures desire for

scientific accomplishments and futuristic models as to why we are all here.


It’s all in the details and you do not want to leave anything out in your quest

for a successful home-based business!


Please if you have any comments or questions leave them in the comments

the section below and I will get back with you soon.


All The Best

Paul Price

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