Get Started Online 2019




Getting started is the main thing to do right now, today.


Do not procrastinate like many of us have and do not be afraid that you can

not do it… You can do it!


Look at me. …so I know you can do it.

So put those thoughts behind you, out the back door and down the street.


It is within reach, so REACH!

Get started online in 2019 will be your beginning of great things to DATE-2019come.


Starting right now is so

important because this is not a

get-rich-quick kind of proposition but


it is a way to earn whatever life

brings your way.


Anywhere from one to three thousand a month is definitely possible for

starters, but you have to start.


I do not mean starters as tomorrow or even next week.

There are things to learn first.


There is work to be done.


You will not make much of anything for three months but after 3 months

you are going to know the path that you have chosen will get you there.


How much time and perseverance will determine how well you are going to



You are going to make new friends and business partners on this journey.

You will be successful beyond your wildest dreams and you are going to

surprise yourself and all of those doubters.


Yes, we all have them.


It’s going to be tough at first, learning new things like

words, terms, skills, but it’s all going to be worth it because after that

magical six month period you are going to see what so many others have



You are going to realize that it is possible to make a good living online and

you are going to say damn, “Paul was right! I can do this!”


I have been where you are at and am going to help you get closer to your



You do not have to have special skills or a degree in anything.

All you need is the want and I can help with the rest.


Believe that.


This is the real deal.

This is where you are going to change your future.


Today you can change tomorrow and beyond.

What Are You Going To Sell / Promote

Now you have made the decision that this is something that you would like

to know more about. You will start learning today.


Open your mind to new things and new beginnings.



So right now we

need to make




Do we want to promote a product or niche that already exits or do we want

to come up with a product or niche that is part of a larger market?


A niche is just that, a part of something larger.


For Example, a Blender is a working part of a kitchen or a living room is

part of a house.


To break it down further or a narrower niche – curtains would be part of

the living room which is part of the house.


Curtain rods would be even a narrower niche and part of the whole ( House ).


Here is a good lesson on choosing your niche along with a video on niche marketing. 


Mind you, either way, the products or service will already exist but the first

scenario you will get straight into learning how to market a specific service


and the latter you will have to learn a lot more of the marketing aspects of

that larger market.



A lot of people stall out here thinking that this is going to define their entire

online journey. It is not.


You can change or alter it at any time.

Pick one and move on.


I personally chose to market a service or niche that already exists so I

would be able to learn the basics of affiliate marketing while also being


exposed to the other facets of the online trade and could decide on a niche

to pursue after I had some success at actually learning and doing some




If you already have some experience with affiliate marketing and

know your way around a computer and feel you are up to the task then go

for it.


Knowing the direction you are going to take will help you get started online

in 2019.


I have an idea for some training that will educate you on the perfect

product for you to promote.


As a matter of fact, it is the very same one that I promote, so you will be in

good company.


I am not going to leave you hanging but am going to reveal to you the

service that you are going to be successful at promoting.


Just do not skip anything and read all of this post.

Need a Website

Domains are not that expensive and will be your property in the digital



Everybody says dotcom is the way to go for the best conversions and that

was probably true several years ago.


I do not think the domain extension carries as much weight as it once did

but dotcom is still a favorite among webmasters.


There are many registrars out there and some have a hosting deal

associated with your purchase of a domain and some do not.


There are also registrars that piggyback a website builder, hosting, as well

as other tools, a person needs to become successful online.


This one-stop shop total package is the route that I suggest.


Again I have some more training that is going to walk you through this

entire process so don’t sweat it! Be thinking of a name for your property.

Traffic To Your Website

Who are you going to sell to after getting started online in 2019?


Without traffic, to your site, you will not sell anything, make any money,

you will not want to continue.


That is where the rubber meets the road and is the reason a lot of people

fail at an online business.


The reason goes deeper than that and I am not going to allow you to fall



The trap I am talking about is getting

started online without a good working

knowledge of getting traffic from the internet.


To get started online with zero skills utilizing SEO and harvesting

organic traffic and end up buying traffic from sources

that provide worn out traffic that is no good.



They spend time and money and end up quitting and believing it is not

possible to have a profitable business online.


They begin to view all offers of learning anything about making money

online as a waste of time and end up passing on the truly honest

information that is really out there.


Now you can buy traffic from Google that will convert but that can be

expensive and your profit margin ends up being …well not so profitable.


Don’t get me wrong there are people that use Google Ads pay per click but

the most of them are combining their efforts with their ability to gain

organic traffic.


Now after you get started online and learn the traffic methods that I am

going to introduce you to, then you to can dabble in the paid traffic arena as

your budget allows.


This is really going to be a lot of fun!

How Are You Going To Sell Online

You are going to build a website, write content, publish your work to the

internet, get traffic and make money and you are going to accomplish all of

this after getting started online in 2019.


Now, do you see why it is so important to get started today?


We have a lot of things to do!

How Much is All This Going To Cost


You are going to be able to get all this for free with no cost ever:


  • Live Help ( First 7 Days )


  • 2 websites


  • Beginner Training Course


  • Website Back Up


  • Personel Affiliate Blog


  • Affiliate Training Phase 1


  • Video Walk-Throughs


  • Keyword Research Tool ( 30 Searches )


  • 2 Training Classrooms


  • Earn While You Learn


  • 1 on 1 Coaching ( First 7 Days )


  • Affiliate Program

Take Away


It is here in this community where you will meet new people, good people,

that will help and assist you on your journey.


Make no mistake this is not a get-rich-quick course or anything to that



But it is a learning place for people that want to get started online, built by

people that have made the commitment, and became very successful online


using the exact same techniques that they are sharing in the easy to follow

training courses being offering inside this program.


You can do can absolutely do this and do it well.


The name of this place that so many have learned to build profitable

businesses online and are willing to help you is : The Wealthy Affiliate.


To learn more about this awesome place and all it has

to offer, check out my Review of Wealthy Affiliate


Please, if you have any comments or questions be so kind as to leave them

in the comments section below and I will get back to you soon.



All The Best

Paul Price

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