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I am making this guide to writing reviews to help the beginner learn the

process and to make it just a little less stressful.


When a writer picks a format or guide to write by he or she should stick

with that format consistently.


This will help the reader to identify with you as a writer and help your



Reviews are very useful tools for the consumer that is wanting to learn

something about a product or service.


We all google different things and most of us do it on a daily basis.


Google will serve up a review that may have information about what

someone has typed into their search bar.


Reviews allow a person to share their opinion of a product or service, and

by doing so can help others to make an informed decision about whether to

buy or try out a product.


You would not want to follow someone’s advice on something and later to

find out that the writer just made it all up, you would feel duped, now

wouldn’t you?


So when writing a review always be honest, truthful and fair when writing

to inform.

Write With Knowledge

If you want to be taken seriously always write with firsthand knowledge of

what you are reviewing.


Take the time to not only do research on what you are writing about but go

the extra mile and research the research.


Try and make contact with someone within the organization or strive to get

as close to someone as possible, that is closer to the naked truth than your

research can achieve.


I do realize that sometimes it is impossible to physically speak to someone

about anything but you can go deep with your research and get into the

comments section of your topic and get a feeling for what people are saying

about what you are reviewing.


Do not just read a couple of comments but take them all in. By doing this

you will get a general feel for the vibe that is being created by the reviewed.


Your Review

Get organized. Plan your work.

Start by making a title for each heading.


Then after each heading jot a few notesCut-Logs-Stacked-Evenly under each heading

about what you are going to talk/write about, and

outline your whole post this way.


I like to do 6 headings in my writings,

sometimes more, but generally

speaking, six is a good number to shoot for.


Tell the readers the complete title of the Business or Service and the name

of its owners, founders or creator.


Do a heading that states the year that they started the business, there google

rating, give them real information.


Always be specific and overdeliver your details because the general reader

will need more not less.


When writing about an internet program or service I like to incorporate the

programs main menu as the headings for my paragraphs in my initial



This gives you a starting point and a focus for your research.

You can change the headings up later or add words to make it more



I did a review on the Wealthy Affiliate using that menu for headings format.

Take a look at this review and at the way that I used the business’s menu

as headings for my article.


When writing your review give it different angles or perspectives.

Make an argument as to why you agree with the negatives and positives

and what they are and why the reader may not like them as well.


Every review has a particular perspective.

You are, after all, making an argument in your review.


Focus on your gut feeling whether it be positive or negative.

Just be honest.


Think about the reader and what answers are they looking for or what

problem are they trying to fix.


If an individual has taken the time to check out your review, then he or she

must be facing a problem or wanting information.



They are allowing you to be their researcher and if you do a good job then

they will be back.


All ways be fair and honest.

The Review

You want to describe the service or product and what that service or

product is trying to do and then give your opinion as to what kind of job

they are doing.


If your perspective is negative, positive, neutral or otherwise always bring

evidence to the table to support why your writing is portraying that skew.


Create interesting reviews with true to life experiences.


Use a story about something that has happened to you in the past and that

can correlate to the subject matter that you are writing about in your



Make it light, throw in a lighthearted quote or funny line you have heard

about the reviewed industry.


Second-hand information is fair game and can add an interesting angle to

your review.


What are people saying about this subject and why in your opinion have

they come up with that conclusion.


Do you think that what other people are saying is correct, fair, or has no

merit at all?


All of this is pertinent information that the reader is looking for because it

gives insight as to what others have experienced and can help them come to

an informed conclusion.


I like to give readers an alternative to whatever I am reviewing and this will

give credence to your being fair and honest.


You can give alternatives to things that you have reviewed in the past and

include a link to that review.


You can get ideas from the comments on doing other reviews and can link

your reviews that have a common thread adding authority to your work.


Did I say be honest and fair?

Write With Detail

Have you ever came across any badly written material or that did not make

much sense and did not follow a main theme orThe-Word-Create topic.


How much of that did you read?


You are creating material to be read and

hopefully, gain readers that will


come back for more information that you freely write about in a truthful

and honest way.


Use descriptive words to better portray what you want your reader to come

away with after reading your article.


Do not overdo this and get lost in the fluffy words but make your point.

I like to write as though I am talking to someone and I hope you feel like I

am talking to you right now.


Always proofread your work.

Then after you proofread your work edit it.


Proofread several times and if you have someone in the home get them to

read it so you can get another opinion on your work.


I have before put two of my headings’ content together and write another

chunk of content.


It is all in the details and how you deliver them.


I write my content and edit my writings on the Wealthy Affiliate platform

where I can add images and publish my work at the push of a button.

Take Away

Your writing is an extension of yourself and never lose sight of this fact.


If you are just now learning to write reviews or writing in general never

lose sight of the matter that you are trying to provide information to

someone that needs this information.


Your information must be needed or useful.

If you follow these guidelines you should do great!


There is a lot of free training available at the Wealthy Affiliate about writing




That would be a good place to pick up some writing tips and its free.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comments

section below.


If you need help with anything just state it below and I will get back to you

as soon as I can.


All The Best

Paul Price


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