Help I Have Writer’s Block

Writers Block


Writer’s block is something that everyone that writes experiences at one time or another. This may

be a slight pause or could even be a lengthy period that keeps a person from working on a project.


It’s a tricky situation to be in and there is no one clear answer. I’ve been there several times and

each time it happens it seems like there was a different path that brought me out of it to where

I started writing again.


Check out below some ways that have been proven to help with writers block and

back on track cracking that keyboard again.



The Block

I know the feeling when you finish a blog and you spend a day or two thinking about what to write about next and…nothing.


Then you jump online and go through the same routine that you did the last time you drew a blank but still you just can not get your brain to connect to your keyboard and still…nothing.


So now what? Turn the TV on and watch the tube for a while, grab a snack, then you end up right back in front of your computer again and…nothing.


I know what your thinking,” Oh…it really is a thing. Help, I have writer’s block!”


Well at least let’s go through the emails and see what’s going on at that end of things. Nothing earth shaking. A lot of the same.


You follow some links in the emails and start to look at everything as a potential review or maybe a topic that could give fruit to some digital conversation, but again…nothing.


A Clean Writing Slate

Yep, take a hot bath. I guess a hot shower would due but a good soak seems to help anything.


Stay away from that keyboard. Dry off first…LOL


No really, get a fresh change of clothes on and slip into your favorite pair of shoes. Now get outside and walk around your abode. If the weather is bearable take a stroll down the street and back.


Now you’re getting somewhere. You are feeding your body fresh oxygen and looking at some different scenery other than those four walls.


The best help with writers block may very well be not writing at all for the rest of the day but if you are looking a deadline in the eyeballs then that just is not going to work.


To that, I would say sit down and start writing.



Write crazy abstract stuff.

There are no rules.


Get that keyboard popping and those creative juices flowing.

Then start bringing the material you want to be writing about into your next paragraph.


Soon you will be closing in on a topic and might even copy and paste some of what you have already written that fits in with the flow of things that you are trying to relate to your reader.

Stimulate The Grey Matter

Okay, you have that clean slate going for you now and even tried a little exercise. You might have taken the dog for a walk and maybe even played with him in the park.


You possibly even took it a step further and called up a friend to meet for lunch or maybe a dinner rendezvous.


Then, you come back from the activities and well, your just not feeling it. Still, have that writer’s block going on but it feels a little less of a thing now. Don’t push it…yet.


Pick up the house. Do the dishes. Wash your clothes up. The main thing here is changing the things that when done, helps you to feel good.


It may be something as simple as sweeping off your porch or running the sweeper.

Change or do whatever it is that puts you in a better mood.


Do something for yourself. Sit down in a comfy chair and have a cup of coffee just the way you like it. If you are out of that flavored creamer or whatever you like, well run out and buy some. Have it your way.


One thing I like to do that always takes me to a different place is doing something nice for someone. Calling a family member is one of those things that everybody can relate to.


Just a little something special for someone in your life goes a long way and is beneficial to both parties.


The Tools At Hand

Your house and clothes are clean, you washed your butt, changed your clothes, got some much-needed exercise, grabbed a bite to eat.


Now its time to write. You know you can do it because you have done it before. Good juju fills the room and everything around you is in its place.


Even have an idea about a topic, right? Start typing a few words. Anything.


Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Just type a few words. It does not have to be stellar. It just has to be a few words. That is it, now a few more. Ahhh I believe you’re on to something.


Now you have something to work with that you can go back and tweak and make into a paragraph. A piece of cake, right?


Do some brainstorming now. Work your way out of it using words as help out of writers block.


Type in a subject in your search bar and click. Then after the results pop up move the cursor back to the search bar where your original search term is and click on it again.


You will get a list that pops down under the search bar that is the latest searched topics relating to your original search phrase.


Copy and paste one of those and do a new search. Rinse and repeat. Right down and save those that may have promise as an interesting heading in your blog or maybe even stand alone as the main subject for an article.


I know this works on google because I do all the time when I am doing keyword research but I am not sure about the other search engines.


This is a very good way to search for relevant keywords or to put together long tail phrases.


Read the material that you pull up in your searches and see what others are saying about any particular topic. Gleen ideas from other peoples works.


Take Away

The first thing that has to happen is to acknowlege it and say out loud,”Help I have writers block.”

You can sit down and write till it starts making sense and that works most of the time.


Then there are times when life has us against the ropes and it is those times that we may need a little something extra.


This may come in some form of the things that I have written in this article or maybe something else that you may have tried and has worked for you in the past.


I know a shot of your favorite beverage and a nap can bring things into focus a lot of the times.


But no matter what works for you, it is always going to come back to our frame of mind and what affects those thinking processes.


I do know one thing for sure that will help and it really does make writing more enjoyable. That is using a quality writing platform.


Working with the right tools will make it all come together by helping you to get your work edited and published without having to jump through hoops.


I use the Wealthy Affiliate’s Content Editor and is where I composed this article.


You can join the free membership option and get 2 free websites, hosting, and free training along with that editor that I use.


It will definitely put some wow factor in your content and help you to push your writing to the next level.




Please if you have any comments just leave them below in the comment section. Also, if you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or affiliate marketing in general, please enter them in the comments section as well and I will get back to just as soon as I can.




All The Best

Paul Price


6 thoughts on “Help I Have Writer’s Block

  1. Hi Paul,

    I do have a lot of writing block and like you said, some of them can last one day but now I am on since 2 weeks. 

    I do read on the topics I want to work on but I have no Idea of the words I will use. My technic when I am writing is a sketch. I always start by introduction and I am writing few words there so I know what I will talk about there. After I do the same for the rest. 

    From there I know I can write my article because I can see clearly what I will talk about. 

    But for now, nothing.

    I will do have a walk right now as you suggested, maybe it will help.

    Thanks for your article


    • Thanks for taking the time to offer some feedback.

       I often can be seen walking around the house, and yes I wondering about what the heck to write. lol

  2. Hello,

    First, let me say that I really appreciate your article and the fact that you are talking about writers block. It’s a phenomenon that affects every writer at any level of their career. As for me, I experienced it as well. What I do to fight is that I always write ideas of posts and articles in my journal when I’m journaling in the morning (yes, I’m journaling). Also, if I don’t have inspiration, I don’t force myself and my nature. I go to the park, or I take a bubble bath… you know, I’ll do anything to relax and take care of myself. Afterwards, I come to my blog with my ideas clearer than ever.

    Hope that my testimony helps.

    Take care, and cheers.


  3. One of the best things I’ve found for writers block, for my day job or for my website, is to just take a break and take a walk like you mentioned.  A lot of research shows that our brain does a lousy job of focusing on anything for more than a couple of minutes.  So if you’re locked into something for too long not only does the quality decrease, but your ability to focus decreases as well!

    A nice walk has always worked wonders for me. It lets me zone out for a bit and then come back to it with a fresh perspective or at least a bit more rested! Glad to see that I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

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