How Do I Make a Website With Google




Google it!


How many times do you hear that in a days time?


We Google everything and Google is making it easier and easier to Google

everything even down to making a website.


But making a website is only the beginning.

You have many other tasks that need to be addressed.


One task that eats away at one’s time and patience is getting traffic to your



You can blog for traffic or you can purchase traffic for starters.


Making a website with Google can be an option which integrates both

traffic sources in one dashboard.


I am going to outline the process and you decide if you want to bookmark

this page. Go Time!

Google My Business

When using Google Business and someone googles your business or

searches for a product or business like yours, your business

will pop up on Google UPDATE-YOUR-GOOGLE-LISTING-ANYTIMESearch and Maps.


You can post updates, write blogs,

and respond to reviews along with

adding photos to add appeal to your site.


Google My Business local listing provides the tools for you to update your

listing from your phone, tablet, and computer.


All for free.


Listing your business in a local search can build your customer base in

several ways.


People still like to patronize local folks in business near them

and they also like to share that information with their peers.


How many times have you been with friends and someone asks if you have

tried this or that, as though they were an authority, and then continued to

explain where this awesome new place was located.


Word of mouth is a powerful thing.


Google My Business has 10 themes to choose from that all

have the same formats but have changes in color and font.


There is also an image gallery to store your favorite photos and images for

later use.




  • Themes


  • Edit


  • Photos


  • More (settings)




Google has built this site with simplicity in mind as well as a modern

look to increase interest and make a fun experience with both

creators and visitors.


Your free website is super simple to set up, and it includes powerful

features designed to help drive more customers to your business.





Your site will be ready to set up a campaign inGoogle Ads.


With Google My Business, you can build a free

website that looks great in under ten minutes.


The free website builder makes it easy to create and

edit your site from your computer and phone.


Drive calls and visits


Your contact number phone will be upfront and your location will

automatically pop up in Google Maps,  customers

will  always know how to find you.


Mobile ready


Your website all ready be optimized to look great on every

screen whether it’s a computer, a tablet or a phone.


Manage on the go


Build and manage your free website from any

device, so you can make changes quickly.


Custom domain


Get a website address that reflects your business with a custom domain.


Automatic updates


Your website automatically updates with info from

your Google listing, so it’s always up-to-date.


This wiki link shows building a google website.

Compare AdWords Express and Google Ads

You can have your ads populated through most of the Google Display

Network with either advertising product.


Targeted ads attract and engage potential customers and you can use

Google Ads or Google Adwords Express for your campaigns but there is no

advantage to using both products.


Because using both Google Ads and AdWords Express can complicate your

ad management and cause your ads to compete against each other, using

only one of these advertising tools at a time is recommended.


Here is how Google offers a free website. You advertise with Google

Adwords Express which is already

integrated into Google My Business. GOOGLE-SIGN

Your Google Adwords Express Dashboard Tabs


  • Ads


  • Business info


  • Billing


  • Settings


  • Contact Phone Numbers For Assistance


  • The billing tab is where you set up your campaign.

Costs and Payments


With AdWords Express, pay only for the actual clicks

and calls that your ad receives.


Your costs may vary from day to day, but you won’t be charged more than

your maximum monthly budget.


You’ll pay only for clicks or calls from your AdWords Express ads. The total

amount that you spend in a month won’t exceed your maximum monthly



Click prices (also known as cost-per-click) are dynamic, which means they’ll

change from instance to instance. The cost of each click depends on many



  • How much-competing advertisers in


your area are spending



  • How relevant your ad is to a person’s Google search



  • How likely a person’s search will result in a sale




No activation fee


AdWords Express has no activation fee.


There may be a minimum transaction amount

when you make a manual payment.


Automatic payments


Automatic payments are a payment setting in AdWords Express.


Using this setting, you first accrue advertising costs, then have those costs

automatically charged to your primary payment method.


If remembering when to make payments isn’t on your list of favorite things

to do, the automatic payment setting is a great choice.


You’ll set up your billing information once, and payments are automatically

processed — this means you don’t have to worry that your ads will stop

running if you forget to make a payment.


What you pay with: This is what you used to pay your costs, such as a credit

card, and is known as a payment method.



Some payment methods are only available in certain countries, so you

might see different options depending on where your business is located.



Support comes in the form of a question search bar that will load answers

to the same or similar questions brought up by other members.


Above the question search bar, there is a Community Forum tab where

there are thousands of members online at any given timeSUPPORT-PAGE-SAYS-HOW-CAN-WE-HELP night and day that

I will be able to help.


Besides the Community Forum tab,

there is also a Contact Us  tab that

will take you through a list of

problems for you to chose from, narrowing

down the problem before making contact.


Also in certain locations around the dash, there are also phone numbers

that you can call for assistance during business hours.


Take Away

The Google business website creator has a lot of engineering gone into

making it easy for a person or business to develop, host, and advertise a

website all in one place.


This is, of course, considering that you are using the Google Ads, paying for

your traffic.


That being said I am sure that there a lot of individuals that do not have the

time or skill set to drive organic traffic using the blogs, video or other

marketing methods.


This said it does afford the opportunity that otherwise would not be

available for those in any of these categories.


For anyone just wanting one website and no time or skill set, this would

definitely be a great choice.


Anyone interested in no-cost training for this type of skill set along with two

free websites plus no cost hosting and a state-of-the-art content editor let

me suggest that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.


They have the top training and best support framework anywhere on the

internet today.


Please if you have any comments or would like any questions answered be

so kind as to leave them in the comments section of this website.


I will get back to you and offer any help as to what you decide is best for




All The Best

Paul Price

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  1. What would you say are the advantages of using Google’s web designed rather than another, like Wix or Squarespace? I really like that there is a support feature that comes with the site. I think the biggest challenge in creating a website would be more surrounding the content of the site rather than building it, since Google seems to make it so easy. 

    • I would say the advantage of using Google Businesss would be the avenues of ad display like Google Maps and Google Search that are integated into the system using your information.

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