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Learning how to build an affiliate website is not as hard as one might think. Finding somewhere to do it

for free and have it look good may be another story.


All the techy stuff is now done mostly behind the scenes and you decide on

how you want it to look by choosing the options that the website builder

that you use has to offer.


Like background images, font size and color etc.


Also, using a web builder, you will need to choose a theme.


They will have different configurations as far as the header, footer,  menus,

and each theme will have different ways that you can personalize your




In this article, I am going to walk you through the steps of building a good

affiliate website and we are going to do this at no cost to you.



Sound good? We will be choosing a website builder that will provide

everything we need to get your affiliate website up and running at no cost.




You will spend 0 dollars and have a website up and running on the world

wide web in a couple of hours.

Site Rubix

Site Rubix is the domain registrar that Carlson and Kyle developed for the

Wealthy Affiliate, It is a website builder and training hub for affiliate



We will be using this web builder for several reasons.



  • 2 Free Websites



  • Free Hosting



  • Free Training



  • Live Coaching



  • Responsive Site Support



  • WordPress Platform

Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

Now that you know where we are going with this let’s get started. Let’s take

a look at the join page.


Below is an image of the window that will open when you click the link.


Here is the link for you to sign up for the free forever starter membership.



Comparing-Wealthy- Affiliate-Free-Membership-To-Premium

Picking Your Domain

This is getting exciting.


I mean here you are going to decide on a name for your property that

people will be able to see anywhere in the world on a computer.


Having said that we want to come up with a name that will ignite a spark of

curiosity so when someone sees your web address they will want to click on



You may have something in mind that you want to promote and want to

incorporate that in the name of your website.Lady-Looking-At-Computer-Screen-With-Hand-On-Chin


Let me suggest that the name of

your website not be specific to any

one thing.


I know I have built affiliate websites in the past and after doing some

research decided that I wanted to change my promotion entirely.



With a domain name that is not specific, you could change promotions

without having to start over with a new domain.


Although by using the Site Rubix you can delete the entire domain and start

over as many times as you want, you may want to use the same domain for

some other project.


Later on, after you get accustomed to putting a website together and are

able to see different websites and themes you will probably come up with

ideas much different from what you first started with.



Let’s do this:


get a pencil and paper and start jotting down ideas for naming your



After you write about 20 of them you will start narrowing down the name

that will suit you and we can go to the Site Rubix and register your name.


Here is a link to a video I made to help you navigate to where you register

your free Site Rubix domain at Wealthy Affiliate.

Choosing a Niche

A lot of people seem to have trouble with picking a niche.


I know I did until I fully understood what the word niche really meant.


A Niche is a group of people that have the same interest in a topic, idea,

hobby, workplace or going through same life experiences at any particular



You can provide information about these interests on your affiliate website

and people will follow your lead by clicking on your offerings as long as you

are truthful and provide useful quality products.


I have written about this same topic on how a person can find an interest

that would make them a good niche.


Here is a link to an article of mine that may be of some help.

Free Training

I just can’t say enough about free. Just that word when you hear it puts

people in a better mood.




Sure it does, especially when you are just

getting started in a new endeavor and want to make some cash before you

jump into anything that requires money.


Jump in, kick the tires, and get that free training.


You know, even if you come to the conclusion you do not

want to start an online business right

now grab that free training while it is available.



There is a world of training inside Wealthy Affiliate

along with the live training every Friday.


You will always have the live chat where you can ask questions and if

someone cannot help they will find someone that can.


This is an amazing community of like-minded individuals that are here to

help one another and all with the same goal of becoming successful online.

Take Away

You wanted to know how to build an affiliate website and I have shown you

how you can do it and do it for free.


Not only that,

but I also showed you how to get your website up and running today,

get free world-class training and a community of affiliate marketers that

are ready to answer all of your questions and help you along the way.


Did I say you get not one but two free websites at Wealthy Affiliate?


It does not get any better than this, believe me, I have looked and this is as

good as it gets.


So what is holding you back?


I am not going to say that it is super easy but I will say that if you are willing

to put in the time and follow the training that you will have success.


There are people in this program making 5 and 6 figure incomes.


You could be one of those people that in the future be working from the

comfort of your own home making a good living and there is nothing

standing in your way but you.

Let’s get started




If you have any comments or question about anything please leave them

below in the comments section below.



I would be happy to answer any of your questions and be honored in

helping you with your online journey.



All The Best

Paul Price

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