How To Make Money With A Laptop



Making money with your laptop is a lot of peoples dream job.


It doesn’t have to be just a dream. You can turn it into a goal.


Anytime anyone has ever built any kind of business of any kind they set a

goal then went through a period of hard work driven by a determination to

get started.


An online business is no different. If you are looking for a secret to making

money online, well I know that secret.


The secret is that there is no secret.


If the gurus have you chasing your tail looking for something that does not

exist well guess who gets ahead?


It is the guy that is willing to put in the time and hard work learning how to

grow a business online.


Plan your work then work your plan.


Do not listen to all the garbage that is floating around on the net.

Research everything that you do before you get into anything.


I mean really research.


Find what is really working for other people and dream your dream, set a

goal and do not look back.

Building a Website With Free Training

If you are still reading then I would say you have a fifty percent of



I am not trying to discourage anyone but only telling it like it is.


Some people would have quit when they heard the word goal in the first

line above.


Let them quit.


We are going all the way and I am going to show you how.

The first thing we need is a website but we do not want to spend any

money, right?


OK, then we need to findHardhat-Area-Under-Construction one of

those online business suites that


have everything included like a

website builder, hosting, editor,


autoresponder … I think that should

do for starters.



Again, we do not want to spend any money but if we could get all of this for

free until we start making money with our laptop then paying for some of

these services in the future may work, right?


Kinda like some of those lawyers you see that advertise on TV.


You only pay if you win kinda thing.

So we can safely say we want free stuff to get started.


Believe it or not, there are a lot of website builders on the internet that will

offer a free trial but it is usually a 7-day free trial or maybe a 30-day free




We are looking for the real life long free trial.

How that works is that getting started you will not need all the marbles.


So you will get limited access to the service but you will get what you need

to get your website up and running.


Sound good so far?


Enter in your Google Search bar the term website builder or trial website

builder with training or heck do them both.


Then a make a list of the top ten that have that free trial with most of the

tools that I mentioned above and that includes training.


Now we are getting somewhere.


Type in the name – scam or not, and spend an hour or so doing research on

the ones that you have on that list and put a star by three of the best ones

then put that aside for later.

How To Pick a Niche

Almost everyone starting out has a problem picking a niche or something to

sell on the net.


I guess it’s the word niche that throws a lot of people off.


I am going to help you out here. A niche is merely a select group of people

wanting or needing the same thing.


Now they may not know they need this thing till they read your

advertisement but you are going to advertise to a select group of people that

are interested in the same thing or topic.


You can’t sell everything to everybody but you can sell a few things to some

of them.


Start by looking at yourself and coming up with 3 things that you really like

to do.


Be it a hobby, sport, or just something you like so well that you could say

that you are passionate about it.


You can also walk down the magazine aisle in any discount store or a

bookstore and pick up a magazine that normally interests you then take it

home and read it cover to cover.


You will find your niche in that magazine somewhere.


This is going to be your basis on how you are going to make money with

your laptop, so be serious and no shortcuts.

Blogging With Keywords

Now stay with me here!


Blogging is just writing.

It is easy and when you do it once you are going to enjoy it.


Especially when you realize you are helping people and the profit is just

the icing on the cake.


I use a template when I  start writing an article and

you can use the same one that I use.



Take this article that you are reading right

now and print it off or make this outline:Laptop-Message-Board-You've-Got-This



Title or Heading

Introductory content



Paragraph 1 topic

Content goes here.



Paragraph 2 topic

Content goes here.



Paragraph 3 topic

Content goes here.



Paragraph 4 topic

Content goes here.



I know for a fact that if I can do this so can you!

Your Blogs should be no less than 1000 words.


The keyword phrase that I used for this article is How To Make Money With

a Laptop. I used this topic because the theme is similar to my website.


I entered the keywords in a keyword research tool to find the kind of traffic

that I was looking for.


Google served it up when you did a search and here we are!


When you get into the training it will give you line by line instruction on

this method.


I am also going to provide you with a keyword research tool that will give

you some free searches to get you started. Here that is:


You are going to get good at making reviews and here is why.


Do you remember when we were talking about the website builders and I

asked you to google the name of the sites followed with the words scam or



Well, the information that Google served up with that request was

someone’s review of that website builder.


They reviewed the site and put links in for you to follow in hopes you

would join something that they were an affiliate of, whether it was a

product or another website builder.


See how it works.


What you have to do is navigate through all of this and make sure you are

not being led into a junk product or service that will do nothing for you.


This is not rocket science and after a bit of a learning curve, you will be a

top-notch website reviewer.


This a service that people will appreciate just as you did when you wanted

to know if those website builders were legit or not.


You must be honest, be yourself, and type the words as though you were

talking to that person.


Know what I mean?


If you do that you will have no problem earning a good living on the



Take Away

I am going to give you a link at the end of this paragraph that will change

your life but first I need to check your work.


The work I am talking about is the three website builders that I ask you to

jot down.


Remember the research you did for a website builder that was to include

training and also had an indefinite free trial.


If one of those site builders that you picked was Wealthy Affiliate then you

did an awesome job with the research.


If you did not come up with that program then you need to be more

thorough when doing research.


The reason being is that Wealthy Affiliate is the best on the net hands down.


They will give you free forever not one but two websites with your choice of

12 website themes to choose from, free world-class Amazon hosting, 30 free

keyword searches, and in the training department they will provide you at

no cost 2 courses and 20 online classroom lessons and the list goes on and

on with what they provide to free members.


Why would they give away something everyone else is charging good

money for?


The reason is that they want you to make money with your laptop and

become successful.


They know with a little success you are going to want bigger success and

people that are in the paid membership are doing just that, going big and

becoming wealthy affiliates.


You will too.


I am a member of this awesome program and I have done a review on it.


Check it out.


Do your research.


Join for free, get the training and decide how far you really want to go.


Please if you have any questions or would like to leave a comment just

leave it below.



All The Best

Paul Price

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