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I am going to compare this Jaaxy Review with something I think that we all

can relate too.


Did you ever buy anything that you had to put together?


Could have maybe been a desk, or furniture, lawn stuff, or even kids toys.


I seemly always get started with the instructions and get on a roll than at

some point abandon the destructions and forge out on my own.


Then at some point, things do not seem to want to jive so well and I figure

out that I either missed a step or got ahead of the way that it has to go

together or used the wrong size screw or bolt.


I end up backing up and taking some of that “progress” apart and going

back to the instructions for that Aha moment…then I’m off on my own

again. Sound familiar?


Well, keyword research is like that in as much as the research results are

the instructions for your organic traffic.


A lot of us have an idea of how we think things are going to work in a

campaign and forget that there is no campaign without someone clicking

that mouse on the other end, wanting your information.


There are several Keyword Research sites to help with that, so let’s see how Jaaxy stacks up in my Review.



Owners: Carson and Kyle


Website: Jaaxy.com


Price: Three Levels – Free Trial – Pro 19$ – Enterprise 49$


Google Rank: 10/10



The owners and founders of Jaaxy are none other than Carson and Kyle, the

masterminds behind The Wealthy Affiliate Academy.


They have already under there belts the best all in one training and

business builder on the web today by far.


I would have to believe that Jaaxy would have all the makings of a premier

business tool being how it is used by all of the Wealthy Affiliate students.


They are a million plus members strong and many making 5 and 6 figure

incomes because of the training received at Wealthy Affiliate.


Seems to me like someone is doing something right over there!


Word has it that Carson and Kyle never liked the way the keyword research

tools worked that they used over the years and after there Wealthy Affiliate

gig took off they decided to design their own research tool that would work

for them in a manner that made sense to the average online marketer.


It came out so well they decided to make it a part of the Wealthy Affiliate



In this Jaaxy Review, I am going to take you inside the application so you

can see how it has all been put together.


Below is the main menu within the Jaaxy


Research Dash:



  • Site Rank


This is where you can check to

see where your keywords and

website are ranked in Google,

Bing, and Yahoo and also set


up and manage automatic rank checks for daily, weekly,

or monthly Keyword Tracking: Automatically Follow Rankings



  • My Keyword Lists


Create and manage your keywords.


Create files and store keywords in labeled categories for later use when

targeting keywords for traffic to your website.



  • Search Analysis


Analyze your competition and look at what is working for them or not



Check trends and find keywords to search and save for later use.



  • Alphabet Soup


This tab will allow you to research the web first using a topic or keyword

then entering the letter A after that keyword and hitting search.


This will bring results of that keyword along with any variations starting

with the letter A.


You can then scroll down the page and each letter of the alphabet

will show search results of all the variations of your search.


Awesome tool that can help you come up with niche ideas as well as new

blog topics to write about.


  • BrainStorm HQ


  • Rank Google Trends – Alexa Topics – Amazon Best Sellers – Twitter 


  • Google Trends – The latest trends within the Google Search Engine in

                                         real time and continuously updated.


  • Alexa Trends – A feed from Alexa that keeps you up on hot topics in  real time.


  • Amazon Best Sellers – A feed from Amazons bestsellers list



  • Twitter Trends – Trending Keywords on Twitter in real time


You can add any of the topics or feeds in your Brainstorm Queue along with

any of your own ideas that will be added to your queue and stored for you

to come back to at any time to add to or edit.


Keeps your ideas flowing while

your creativity mingles amidst the trending topics.



You use this search bar to add your own ideas along with the many provided that are trending.




  • Affiliate Programs


A library of affiliate programs within these digital stores that can be

leveraged in any internet business.


  • Commission Junction


  • Link Share


  • Digital River


  • Click Bank






Niche Keyword Lists


All of your categories and keywords are saved to this tab They are all saved

here for easy access and to further the research that can help you with 

the quest for landing on the first page of Google.






Research Parameters




Once a keyword has been chosen then entered into the search bar for a

search you will get quite a bit of information that pops up. Get is how it is

laid out:


Average – The average number of searches that the keyword receives per



Traffic – Visits to your website if you achieve the first page of Google.


QSR – Quoted Search Results: The number of competing websites ranked

in Google using this exact keyword.


KQI – Quality Keyword Indicator – Green is good – Yellow is OK – Red is



SEO – Score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more

likely you will rank with this keyword on the first page.


Domains – Availability of domains that are related to any keyword.


Take Away

With my Jaaxy Review, I have attempted to open up Jaaxy and turn it inside

out so that you can see exactly what this powerful tool can do for anyone

that either already has or is wanting to start an online business.


Whether you are now using keyword research or wanting to get started I

would without question recommend Jaaxy.


I am lucky enough to have unlimited access to Jaaxys’ core features that

come with being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read more information at my review of Wealthy Affiliate.


I use Jaaxy every day and really tried to bring the information to you

without bias, but I must say that Jaaxy is absolutely an awesome keyword

research tool that everyone needs in there arsenal to be on the leading edge

of online business.


Straight up.


All The Best

Paul Price


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