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Hello, today I am going to talk about speech to text applications.



I recently read a post at Wealthy Affiliate where a member was using a


phone to write content for a blog using a speech to text app.



This person mentioned that once gotten used to, they were able to get more


content out.



So I thought I would give it a try.



I am at my desk typing on the ole laptop and am getting ready to download


some of the speech to text apps to try and see if I can find one that may be


more responsive than the rest.



It would be a different experience to go out about daily tasks and at the


same time write/speak content for my blog.



There are some apps that may also have a desktop version available for this


task and I will be looking at this to see if there would be any advantage or


more options making things any easier combining them both.



I have decided to pick the top 4 Android apps and use them during this post


so that if anyone else wants to give it a go they will available info to start





I am using there reviews and star rating as a guide to pick the top four.



Voice Notes



  • 4.6 Stars



  • 5K Reviews






  • Everyone Rated



  • Place of Origin – Sankt – Petersburg Russia



Voice Notes has many features and when you click on the app the first page


that will come up will be a voice-notes-menupage with a top menu


that consists of NOTES, REMINDERS, and


CATEGORIES which include all of your transcribed


notes and a + icon to add new ones.



This app has a feature that you would


voice to text in the reminder mode


and it would sync to your Google Calendar Account.



That would be handy in remembering special dates along with notes or gift





Clicking on the menu icon will bring you to the main menu including


Settings that has a large submenu.


Voice NoteBook


  • 4.4 Stars



  • 1K Reviews






  • Everyone Rated



  • Moscow Russia



Voice Notebook has a fairly easy interface and is not hard to learn once you


try it.



You can take voice voice-notebook-menunotes and save them on your


phone or send them to cloud services.



You have at your fingertips custom punctuation,


word replacement, capitalization, undo commands,


and other useful tools.



This app uses Google speech recognition so Google app must be installed.



This is a simple speech to text app with the first page being your speech to


text transcriber and when you click on the menu icon you are brought to


the screen you see here:







  • 4.3 Stars


  • 2 Million Downloads




  • Everyone Rated


  • Mountain View California



First, you need to go through all the menu choices and set up the app with


all of your preferences.


ThisGboard-menu app will replace the default keyboard with a


keyboard using your options of language and with


any of the themes that are available in the Themes





So anywhere you would type in any text


you would have the option for speech


to text by clicking on the microphone icon


in the upper right in your keyboard or Gboard.



The keyboard options that are available to you in the settings’ tab are


Qwerty, Handwriting, Qwertz, Azerty, Dvorak, Colemak, and PC.



To the right is a screenshot of the settings’ menu where you pick your


preferences in each submenu.






  • 4.3 Stars



  • 13K Reviews






  • Everyone Rated



  • Israel



Speech notes Settings page was pretty much like the rest of the other apps


with the exception that this app also has a desktop version.


They also have a google extension that you can download and it has one


feature that was pretty cool and it was that you can have your text read


to you.


So say you were typing a blog and wanted to know how it sounds you could


have it read back to you.



Not sure if the voice was a digital one or not, but the web page says it is a


natural sounding voice.


I clicked on the link that said TRY IT FOR FREE but was taken to a 9.95 check





Go figure.



Take Away

So there you have it.



I am still fooling around with them but am leaning a bit towards the


Gboard as the best speech to text app for my android.



The convenience factor in that no matter what you are doing when it comes


to text you would have that speech to text option already there without


having to manage an app first.



I believe speech response may have been a bit better as well, although I


have noticed that the speech to text recognition can change from one


minute to the next in about all the apps.



I am sure it is probably a matter of our voice not being constant all of the





One more thing, I found a really handy screenshot app for your android


that when downloaded and turned on, will put a small button on every


page that you are on and if you want a screenshot just click the tiny floating





It will move around if it gets in your way of doing anything.



You also have the ability to record Utube videos on any website and save


them for uploading.



If that wasn’t enough there is also a browser inside the app where you can


screenshot any web page or google results right inside the app then upload


to wherever you want.



The screenshots are stored in the app where you have a bunch of choices as


to where you want to upload them to…very handy.



The name of the screenshot app is Screenshot Touch. You want to have the


right tools in the right place to better achieve your online and offline





I am always looking for new and better ways to accomplish online tasks and


striving to make things easier to run my online business



If you have found a tool or service that you just can’t do without then share


it here and I will give it a go!



Try out any of the speech to text applications and please leave me any


comments about any of the services that you have tried whether it is one of


the ones that I have reviewed or not.



Love to hear from you.



All The Best

Paul Price


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