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I have worked around the task for nine years to establish myself as an

Affiliate in Marketing because of the freedom that is associated with the



The other reason is that I am getting older and am looking for a better



A way to earn a reputable income online and be easier on the

old body.


I am closing in on retirement age and after many years working as an

Industrial Electrician, a cup of coffee and a laptop looks pretty inviting as

the first thing on the to-do list.


The things that I have included in this writing are all questions that I have

asked myself over the years and are things you should think about as well if


you are thinking about making a go of earning a living on the internet as an

Affiliate in Marketing.



Looking For Companies With Affiliate Programs



There are hundreds of thousands of companies that advertise affiliate

programs on the internet.


You just need to do a google search and you will see a bunch of them.


I did a search today and here is what was on top of google on this day and

in this order :





  • Click Bank


  • CJ Affiliate


  • Amazon


  • AvantLink


  • eBay


  • Share A Sale



You do not have to do much research to find companies using the affiliate

in marketing as a driving force in their online sales strategy.


Associated affiliates could be a term that could be used for a group of

people working towards a goal of affiliating themselves with one or many

firms in an effort to earn a commission by there efforts.


One of the most effective companies doing just that today, would be the


Wealthy Affiliate.


This affiliate studio is also one of the easiest to navigate and will offer a free

version to get started including free comprehensive training that the

average Joe can understand and follow.


They have several affiliate programs within the platform that you can cash

on as well.


As an online affiliate, it is very important to choose products that spark

your interest.


You will be writing and conveying to people different aspects of a service or

program and your level of self-interest will shine through to whoever is on

the other end.


Do not overlook this as it can definitely be a factor in your effectiveness in

your marketing, not to mention your bottom line.



Where Does an Affiliate Get Customers



To become successful as an affiliate in marketing it is a must that you get

organic traffic from the internet. This a biggy!


Your knowledge of SEO or search engine optimization will be a deciding



factor as to your level of success as an affiliate in marketing.ORANGE-WITH-TAG-THAT-SAYS-ORGANIC-TRAFFIC


When you start getting the

organic traffic it will dribble in


but as the search engines start noticing

your work they will start using it as a go-to


in their efforts to deliver their product,

which is an answer to whatever someone has

entered in a browsers search bar.


Blogging has become an effective way to capture traffic from the internet.

I say this with the free aspect in mind because pay per click can also be just


as effective and will enable the affiliate in marketing to reach targeted

audiences, but with a cost.



When people read your blog and get benefit from things that you are

writing about, they will return to get more information that you inject in

your writing.



The content of your blogs will determine your effectiveness and will relate

to your overall success.


Advertising is a large part of marketing and it drives the internet –


Google,Bing, Yahoo,


and the other search engines make their money with it and

deliver your traffic by it.



To tap into the traffic, just a small portion of that traffic highway can spell

out a decent income for those that are willing to learn SEO.


Where will you gain this knowledge? Google it!


You will find numerous avenues offering this information in exchange for

your money, and some that just want your money!


Another option would be to visit The Wealthy Affiliate and have a look

around then join as a free member and take advantage of the free training.


Trends can be an awesome break or change up in your blogs, and be a

boost to your online earnings.


The only time they are not is when you miss them or didn’t recognize one

that you could see out of your living room window.


Being an electrician, that specialized in conveyance, I would be in these

large shipping distribution plants like UPS and FedEx and see the different

products that would flood the conveyors at different times of the year.




Lucrative Markets For The Online Affiliate



The different markets and their delivery methods can be a deciding factor

for the amount of time you want to invest in that product or company.


The Giants have recognized the affiliate in marketing as being a large

portion of there online sales and have streamlined their services into a

seamless experience not only for the customer but for the affiliate as well.


Without drop ship delivery the small guy could never make it.


Drop shipping is a fulfillment method where anBOX-DROPPING-FROM-SKY-WITH-PARACHUTE affiliate doesn’t keep the

products he or she sells, in stock.


Instead, when a store sells a product

through an affiliate link or blog, it


purchases the item from a third party

and has it shipped directly to the



As a result, the merchant or affiliate never sees or handles the product.


I would say that drop shipping has been a big factor in the success of the

affiliate in marketing as well as manufacturers bringing products to

customers in a timely fashion.


Digital Products are very attractive in the sense that there is no physical

product or package to ship.


There is a transfer of digital files that contain the information or product

and that is that. Bidda  bing – bidda bang – bidda  boom ( I always wanted

to say that ).


One problem I have noticed is that a lot of these same digital products have

been around for a long time and are simply being hashed and rehashed and

made to look new with glitzy new book covers or web pages.


You can purchase lessons covering anything that you would like to learn

through online digital stores. Here are some categories that some digital

products fall under:



  • ebooks


  • software


  • video


  • audio


  • graphics



Tools of the Online Trade




A good computer with the latest software is always a good thing to start



Sometimes you have to make do with what you have, but keep your eye out

for a good upgrade…there is always Christmas!


I could go on and on here about tools of the trade but I not going to.

Instead, I am going to suggest that you try bundling, yes bundling.



I mean with the number and quality of marketing studios and suites out

there it makes no sense to do without any tools or try and purchase them




Research these sites and find one that offers all the needed tools with some

perks like how to use them with some quality training.


You will be money and years ahead, believe me, been there done that.


I am going to suggest Wealthy Affiliate as an excellent choice for you to get

everything you need to get started and for the long-term as well.


Free membership, free website, free hosting, free training and if you get to

a point where the paid membership would be beneficial, sign up for the

premium subscription for 49.99 a month.


The premium subscription comes with more of the good stuff and several

built-in affiliates sites for you to promote. Again… You will be years and

money ahead.



Last But Not Least



I have shared with you questions that I have asked myself over time and

answers that I have found to be of importance concerning the affiliate in



I hope that you will gain knowledge from my writing and enthusiasm for

your online journey.


If you have read this far then you are interested in working from home,

already an affiliate marketer wanting to learn more, or you are seriously

thinking about trying to become one.


No matter what has brought you to this point your next choice should be to

visit Wealthy Affiliate, join for free, take a look around, and then make

an informed decision about the value that

is apparent in just the training alone.



To Your Success

Paul Price

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