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Are you wanting to learn about affiliate marketing or maybe you want to be a

better marketer?


I am guessing that you want training in this area so you won’t bounce

around for years trying to figure it all out on your own.


Not just any training will do, now will it? No…of course not! You want the

best training in affiliate marketing.


Online Affiliate Marketing is unlike any trade or job out there.


It is very gratifying to be able to help people, all over the world, get the

things they need whatever it may be.


The ability to market online has changed over the years and will probably

keep changing as technology advances.


The products that people are looking for will change as well, due to

economical demographics that ebb and flow with changing times.


The online marketing strategy today is not the same strategy that worked in

the past and same is true for the future.


But be aware there will always be threads and common denominators that

will link past, present, and future. Time travelers in sorts we are.


Join the best affiliate marketing training program you can find, be the best

online marketing affiliate you can be, always be honest with yourself and

others. Success will be imminent.

School of Hard Knocks

Now here is something that I have much knowledge about.


Seems as though everything I have ever gone after was done in a ANIMATED-MAN-WITH-HURT-KNEE

fashion that produced a few bumps and bruises.


Sometimes more bumps sometimes more

bruises. Have you heard the saying,


“No Pain No Gain”?


Well to some extent it is very true.


Education, however, can bring the minimal pain with maximum gain, that’s

why you are here. Kudos!


My first computer was one of those first multimedia jobs.


I did not subscribe to the internet and I bought the thing in hopes of

keeping my five-year-old son abreast of the changing times.


DOS was still prevalent and windows were gaining ground as the way to

navigate around the computer.


Many years passed and I was working as an Industrial Electrician traveling

across the United States.


The company I was with communicated job information via the internet

and I, of course, had to keep up with what was going on, so I purchased my

first laptop.


Immediately I realized that there must be a way to make money with this

thing and bounced around for nine years trying that exact thing.


Then I found the best training in affiliate marketing.

The Online Marketing Niche

The marketing niche is something people seem to struggle within online



A niche is a part

of a whole.


One example would be one car part to an

entire car or a finger to a hand.


It would be much easier to educate yourself on one part of a car than to

learn enough about all the parts that make up a car to the point that you

could be viewed as an authority and be able to communicate in such a

manner as to sell all the parts.


Besides that, no one would ever need all the parts of a car, just the ones that

have gone bad.


Here is the best I have heard so far that explains niche marketing.


Another good reference would be a book.

One page of a chapter of a book.


The one page would represent your niche and as you develop interest and

monetize offerings on your page you could branch out and blog about the

related chapter.


After a time you could also develop an interest in the book further

monetizing your traffic giving that the content you are writing has benefit

and interests the reader.


Define your market and find that one piece of information or item that

someone needs or would like to have at one time or another.


Picking a niche is something that is another topic some people have a hard

time with and to that I would say pick something and go with it.


This is something that if it turns out to be something that you can not write

about on a continuous basis, then change up.


Go into a news store or the magazine aisle in a store.


Find a magazine that you might normally buy that truly interests you then

read that publication from cover to cover.


Read all advertisements as well and when you are done you should have an

idea what niche you may be interested in developing or at least what

direction to go.


There are 2 classes with 10 courses each that make up the free membership

in Wealthy Affiliate.


The training will guide you through the process of picking a niche and how

to market that niche.


This includes two free websites with hosting included making this an

awesome package.


It is always hard to beat free especially when the quality involved is top-


Learning Media




The written word is a very powerful form of media in all aspects of life.


Newspapers, magazines, books, and

what you are

reading right




Technology and all advancements made

by man have been compiled, documented and

accelerated by these nuggets

of expression that we call words.


When you start your educated journey just remember that you are in good

company using the written word.


Use it wisely by passing on some of that wisdom. Paying it forward will pay

huge dividends.





This is media that started out as a soundless form of entertainment.


Could you imagine going to see a movie with no sound? I do know a few

people that should have a volume adjustment but I better not go there…lol.


With video, a person can show and tell anyone how to do something vesus

a person just reading about it.


When you combine both media, written word plus video, you have a very

powerful combination that enables someone to hear how to do something


as you show them but also the ability to go back and read over any part of

the lesson that may be giving them a problem.


UTube is the mack daddy of video marketing on the internet.


This very powerful combination is the same way Wealthy Affiliate sets up

their online training classes.


I would chance to say that this could be a factor in the large success rate of

their students becoming wealthy affiliates.

Before The Training

Before a person commits to the training of any kind, one needs to do a bit of



Search for that want to, that fire within oneself that excites them at the

thought of reaching the end and becoming victorious in all of their efforts.


Training is just training without a call to action.


Action on the part of the trainee using the training to reach a goal

and not to think that success is the training but that it is a means

or blueprint in which to strive in the right direction to ultimately find it.


Ask questions, join in on conversations, take notes, gather ideas and be a

part of the process.


When you are perceived as someone that really wants to learn then you are

really going to receive the information you need to reach the goals that will

put you where you want to be.

Take Away

I believe the best training in affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate hands



I know over a million members cannot all be wrong and after thirteen

years in business, any kinks that may have cropped up have been worked


out making this the top training portal and the best tool rich content writing

platform around.



The owners, Kyle and Carson, are steadily coming up with new ideas and

making improvements that define this platform as the place to learn and


become the best in affiliate marketing.


If you would like more information feel free to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.



Please if you have any questions or comments be so kind as to leave them in

the comments section of my website. I will be happy to help you with

whatever you are trying to accomplish in internet marketing.



All The Best

Paul Price

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