The Most Successful Blog Topics – General Trends



I have not been blogging that long but I can see where it could become a

chore to come up with the most successful blog topics especially after

someone has been doing it for a good length of time.


I decided to write this article as I was outlining present and future relevant

blog topics.


After trying to complete my little project  I kept coming up with more ideas

and different avenues of interest concerning what, when and somehow.


I was going over my list when I decided to share the process. Enjoy!



Where to Find Them

The Definition


General Trends: A pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or

process, or an average or general tendency of a series of data points to

move in a certain direction over time, represented by a line or curve on a




Look Again


Have you ever gone over your past blogs to either check for grammar,

typos, or to check links? 


Or re-read an article that had been indexed then decided that something

would sound better this or that way and say,” Damn, how did I miss that?”


Another reason would be to go back and glean through your posts to find

articles to link to your other posts. Click here for an example.


Well, look again to see if you might find something in your own writings

that could have gained popularity or could stand alone for a good Blog.


The most successful blog topic could be just waiting for you to proofread it

out or could also be just lying around the house for that matter.


Seek and you shall find!



Weathered Blogs


Name a few things you do during inclement weather –


  • Stay Home


  • Cook


  • Watch TV


  • Work in the Garage


  • Craft



All the activities surrounding any of the above topics could be the

catalyst of different things bought at any of the below locations.

They all have affiliate programs.


  • Walmart


  • Ebay


  • Amazon


  • Etsy


  • Sears



Someone that is aware of weather trends such as the rainy season, snow or

just an extended change in temperature can gain an advantage in there

affiliate marketing.


Try this – make a list of everything you do around the house during the bad

weather days and the things you might use or would like to have during

those times.


Now right down beside of those items where they can be purchased, then

google the merchant and inquire about an Affiliate Program.


Now on the flip side make a list of everything that you do during nice

weather and what you would use or just something that would make things

easier during that time.


Probably the same merchants can be considered as a supplier as the bad

weather days unless you came up with a specialized tool or hard to find


The latest gadget or tool would be a good target.



Tis The Season


Seasonal ideas that could be the most successful blog topic might cross over

to the weather topic above.


The weather changes that are associated with the seasons come hand in



There are however things that are seasonal that have little to do with the

weather and those are the ones we are going to target.






Spring is an awakening of nature.


Flowers are panted, gardens are plowed and people start socializing more

in public places such as city parks and amusement centers.


Vendors take to the street to show their wares to fresh new traffic that has

been wintering at home.


I would say spring would be the time of year that new clothes are shopped

for because people can not fit in their last years’ jeans and jump online to

see the latest fashion trends.


Tennis shoes would also be a big seller this time of the year.


Auto repair takes a jump in the spring as people do not have to endure the

cold to tinker around with there vehicle.


Out with old and in with new they say!






Know anyone that buys that latest new swimsuit every summer, Amazon

sure does.


Summer brings all the best out of everyone.


Did you ever notice it? People going places just to be going, vacations plans

being executed, camping trips outfitted and memories being constructed in

the warm rays of the summer sunshine and the long warm summer nights.


Ahhh, those long starry summer nights where the warmth of the day

scurries over the land by night and breezes across your body.


And the beach…enough said!


There are so many topics and sub-topics born from this season that you

could start a list of activities and still be writing come Christmas.


The affiliate is only restricted by his or her own imagination, so turn it



The merchants will love ya!






The fall sun is something I always

noticed because it delivers a different

hue of light from the sun.


With that light also comes the difference between

the landscape and the different activities, some

slowing down and some starting up.


Early fall has those that refuse to accept that summer

is over and then there are those of us that embrace

the fall season and all that it brings along with it.


There is a whole new list of affiliate opportunities that might make the most

successful blog topic.


School startup is a market all in itself with school clothes, supplies, and

electronics except for those that are in a year-round school system. Do the






Snow shovels, board games, flashlights, warm clothes, and snow tires, just

to name a few of the items that I have noticed that come down the conveyor

belts at UPS and FedEx during the winter months.


I am sure you can come up with more when you make your list of activities

and supplies.




Santa Clause always comes to my mind as do most things that we were

raised around, or that shared a part in our childhood years. Memories can

be a very powerful thing.


One mention here about the

Christmas Holidaze.


It is the daze part that I am referring to.


It starts ramping up to a real noticeable level

about 2 weeks before December 25th.



Shoppers go into bat-shit crazy mode and its about 2 weeks till

Christmas that people get that wide-eyed dazed look in their eyes.


Your not safe on the road and do not even think about

trying to get into a department store.


It is like a shopping cart demolition derby!


Shoppers gone wild. LOL  


So, get your calendar out and make a list of all the holidays.


Then note the things that you yourself, friend or family member have

purchased beside that holiday.


Write it out.


Make your list and check it twice cause Santa is coming to town!



Now What

I hope you have enjoyed your read and my right.


I am sure that most seasoned affiliates and bloggers already go through

some kind of similar process but we are not all seasoned, now are we.


If you would be interested in learning some of those other processes click

and read my review on Wealthy Affiliate.


With that said, I think it is important to set doing anything in life with a

plan in mind and this is just one way that I have come up with to look for

the most successful blog topic that already has relativity going for it.


Human behaviors reaction to anything can be an opportunity!


One more observation should be made and that would be the lead time for

your efforts.


I know writers that submit articles for publication in magazines that have

anything to do with a particular season must do so up to a year in advance

of that season.


Just start making note of when getting that itch to do something or start

looking at certain things with that buying-eye.


Please leave a comment or question in the comments section. I would be

honored to hear from you or answer any questions you may have.



Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Paul Price

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