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I was on a job in Ontario California, near L.A., working six, ten hour days,

with one day off a week.


I was doing an electrical install on a new UPS shipping facility next to the

Ontario Airport.


On my day off I could be found sitting around the pool, in the evening sun,

doing a bit of nothing but relaxing.


There was one individual that I noticed that was also enjoying sitting

around the pool and one day we ended up sitting within earshot of one

another and of course a conversation ensued.


Our conversation migrated to a topic we both had in common and that was

none other than the internet.


Turns out the gentleman, Rick Duris, was a copywriter and made his living

writing ad copy for business start-ups and the like on the internet.


I had been trying to come up with ways to make money with my computer and was interested in

everything Rick had to say.


One evening Rick and I had dinner at the Restaurant next door and he gave

me some words of wisdom along with a few of caution about the online



During the discussion, I was introduced to the Warrior Forum.


I will say that I was never really an active Warrior member aside from

reading question and answer posts that were relevant to what I was doing


at the time, but I can say that I always found the posts very informative and


Warrior Forum – Owners and Managers

Allen Says originally created The Warrior Forum in 1997.


He managed the forum through many changes and revisions but finally

sold his brainchild to Freelancer.com


Recently Gabriel Machuret was appointed as the “head” of Warrior.

Machuret is a self-proclaimed “leading ASO (App Store Optimization)


consultant in the world,” and has been in charge of the forum for a few

months now.


I would like to mention that Machuret maintains he is the “leader” of the

Warrior Forum, the Warrior team page lists Moss Pauly as “Head Of


Warrior Forum,” Daniel Silvestre as “Business & Community Manager,” and

Marcus Wong as “Head Of Partnerships & Marketing.”


I guess two heads really are better than one!… lol

Moss Pauly is the administrator and “Head” of Warrior Forum.


Moss is responsible for the re-direction of the forum. Moss will bring a data-

driven approach to making Warrior Forum a polished internet marketing



A place where warriors can share their knowledge and mentor new

warriors that continue to re-write what’s possible in internet marketing.


Marcus W K Wong heads up the business partnerships and the different

marketing aspects of Warrior Forum. Marcus has 8 years experience in the


Australian photographic and advertising Industry.


Marcus is responsible for establishing the Warrior Forum as the go-to place

for anything marketing with the net as the sole medium.


Daniel Silvestre is the Business and Community Manager with over 10 years

of experience in the industry.


Dan joined the Warrior Forum in 2008 and has been an active member ever



His responsibilities include leading the expansion of content, knowledge,

and community.

On The Inside

List of All the Current Forum Titles



  • All Topics


  • Internet Marketing Discussion Forum


  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Ad Networks


  • Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing


  • Email Marketing


  • Growth Hacking


  • Social Media


  • Conversion Rate Optimization


  • Offline Marketing


  • Mobile Marketing


  • Copywriting


  • eCommerce Sites


  • Internet Marketing Product Reviews


  • Mind Warriors


  • Programming


  • Website Design


  • Warrior Joint Ventures


  • Off Topic Forum


  • Local Meetups


  • Warrior Forum News


  • Warrior Forum Help


  • Suggestion Forum



The Warriors question and answer sequence are very similar to the forum

like the dashboard on the Wealthy Affiliate where members that are logged

on can see questions being asked and offer an answer or reference in real



Here is a Quote from 2014 by Warrior Forum Founder Allen Says, “I started

Warrior Forum back in 1997 with the goal of creating a community of like-

minded internet marketers to share ideas, learn from each other and build

their online empires. In seventeen years our community has grown to over 730,000 members

strong making us the world’s largest Internet marketing forum.”


The Forum became a marketplace for buying and selling products and

services relating to internet marketing in many categories.


Warrior Forum is home to the War Room, a group of marketing specialists,

and is a paid feature. Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) set this forum apart


from other forums in that at one time anyone could put some information

together and sell it on the forum.


You know the story about the one bad apple…well imagine a bunch of bad



There are people that would say that the WSO feature rose The Forum to

stardom then took it down systematically to where it is now today, new

owners changing face and trying to improve the Warrior Brand.



WSO’s ( Warrior Special Offer )


The prices are the costs of placing a WSO on the forum.


The basic does not allow for repositioning your offer back to the top

( bump ) as do the other two with a sticky feature on the most expensive.


The Warrior Special Offer (WSO) feature was in its own right a

commendable platform that allowed some experienced and some not so

experienced members market to other members.


Anybody could put together a product, pay the entry fee, and get on the

platform and sell it.


The problem with the sort of anything-goes approach was that people

started promoting junk from ClickBank and there was some pretty average

products put on the platform and members began to complain.


Most of the time WSOs were just junk that would not make you any money.


Some with useful guides would be regurgitated information that could be

bought as part of other courses or had been discussed numerous times

before on blogs.


The offers that were actually unique, would still run the problem of not

having responsive support. As a guide, a few of them may have been OK

and worth $20.


Affiliates were burned as well because affiliates just starting out would

promote these average products being posted on Warrior.


Many products were also just information collected for free on the net then

fancied up with promotional graphics and sold to unsuspecting newcomers.


Of course, The Warrior was collecting the entry fees for these WSO’s and

was reluctant to rock the boat too much until it was too late and the forum

was starting to get bad reviews because of it.


On the other side of the creek, there are many marketers today that

attribute their success to The Warrior and their ability to log on, ask


questions about marketing, and get knowledgeable answers, as well as

product start-ups in the WSO section that was well-received and has

been said to have catapulted many entrepreneurs to multi-figure successes.



So Let’s say if your WSO is from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, etc…. you would

need to create a new WSO.


This helps several areas:


  •  No more lengthy WSO’s


  • Easy to find the latest WSO


  •  All WSO need to use new WSO layout


  •  Follow all terms and conditions including refund policy, payment system, and contact details.



There is information floating around the net about a revamping of the

warrior forum and specifically the WSO platform and how these offers are


made, by whom, and how they are excepted. Below is an announcement

post within WF.




The Marketplace

This marketplace is the largest online marketing marketplace globally and

includes marketplaces for buying and selling products & services, websites,

domain names, hiring freelancers and advertising freelance services.


It also includes classified advertising and an affiliate program database.


Exclusive products and services available only at Warrior Forum.


Get deals on Internet Marketing Products, Services, Training and

other Offers at the “world’s largest Internet marketing marketplace.”


Below is the directory under the Market Place Tab in the dashboard:


  • Categories


  • Warrior Special Offers


  • The Underground


  • Warriors for Hire


  • Other Website Products & Services


  • Wanted – Members looking to hire you


  • Web Hosting Offers


  • Affiliate Program Database


  • Launch your WSO



The WSO section of the marketplace is now supposed to be 100% powered

by Warrior where WSO’s are supposed to be carefully selected, after an extensive

quality screening to guarantee only the best deals are offered.


I was at first under the assumption that the WSO offers were going to be

solely originating from the War Room but as the LAUNCH YOUR WSO link


can be found all through the forum, I am re-thinking this. The rules being

posted are a bit vague.


Additionally, only a limited number of products will be excepted at one time

and all of them in partnership with Warrior.


Also, the offers will have a time limit on the offers and be backed up by

Warrior which is supposed to rectify the problem they had with the money


back guarantee that merchants and affiliates were not honoring in the old

and ill reputed forum, again the reason behind the negative reviews.


So if your WSO is from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, etc…. you need to create a

new WSO.


This serves a few points:


  • No more insanely long WSO


  • No more browsing and browsing pages to find the latest info of the WSO


  • All new WSO need to use our Modern WSO layout (classic layout will not be approved)


  • WSO needs to follow our terms and conditions including refund policy, payment system, and contact details.

The War Room – A Paid Feature


Price – $97 annually



The War Room is a private discussion group where marketers around the

world can share their experiences and learnings.



It’s a place where paid members can come and discuss anything and

everything included but not limited to:


  • Strategies and tactics for making money online


  • SEO


  • PPC advertising


  • Copywriting


  • Product creation


Warrior Forum is world renowned for the War Room.


The War Room is a private discussion group where marketers around the

world share their experiences, positive and otherwise.


The War Room also offers training in various fields of marketing by people

known to be authorities in their fields of expertise and instruction.

The Underground


I have since learned that it is the Underground section that is being referred

to as the new community offers marketplace.


The Underground, as it is labeled, is a section of Warrior where members

can sell products of about any origin to other members.


You do not have to be a paying member to sell within this feature.


As a matter of fact, this Underground feature is how the old WSO was run

and still has some similarities.


Here is Gabriel Machurets’ quote on the new Underground section of

Warrior and its similarities to the WSO feature of the past, He says:


“The Underground is the old wild west of the WSO or a marketplace where

we believe the offers promoted or listed don’t fit our quality standards and

we are not one hundred percent sure of the authenticity of the offers.”




“Brand new users insane claims of success, poor spelling, Low quality in the copy, income, etc.


Some of you have requested one hundred percent freedom to sell and

promote and to let you choose what you want to buy. In other words:


Leave us alone to choose what to buy or not.


On the other hand…


We also want to protect our users in a market that is regulated…but at the

same time, we understand that some users may want to have the option to

have access to a marketplace that is not moderated by us.



‘How I made one billion dollars while watching Games of Thrones and how

you can make the same amount in seventeen seconds or less.’


Well if you are looking for that type of deal…the Underground is for you.”


It sounds as though Gabriel is not so fond of the Underground and by his

quote, I would think he had nothing to do with its inclusion into the new

and improved Warrior.


I have scrolled through the Underground and have not found anything as

silly as Gabriel has suggested in his rendition of The Underground.

Take Away

Really one of the reasons that I did not make the Warrior a go-to place for

me was the warnings that I received early on about the gurus that would


troll the forum and pick out users that were obviously inexperienced by

there engagement.


They would prey on these people with junk products, taking their money

with progressive schemes. With this being an ongoing problem,


management surely was aware of it but did nothing, till now of course.

However, doing this review, I have taken a hard look at the restructuring of


the Warrior and the establishments reported desire to resurrect the Warrior as an

“honest” place to hang out, learn and possibly find useful products.


If you are looking for a place to learn without the distraction of being

marketed to, then let me suggest taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. 

You will find an open and honest bunch of folks there all trying to

help each other learn and implement the positive marketing techniques

that are being taught in the lessons located within the platform.


Back to the warrior forum review:


I do not think that the restructuring is anywhere complete as I have had to

chase down conflicting stories and facts about this new and improved



The fact that they have two heads of operation listed in different places on

the net and that announcements seem to say one thing but the forum


reflects another, says to me that the restructuring is in one hand and that the

alleged managers are operating out of another hand, and they have

not landed on the same page…yet.


I would like to thank Rick Duris, the copywriter in Ontario California, for

the information he shared with me about affiliate marketing and for


making me aware of The Warrior Forum.


The name of Ricks website is Copy Ranger


I am sure that updates will come as I learn more about the Warrior and its

plan unfolds for a better forum.


Please if you have any questions or comments be so kind as to leave them in

the comments section of this website and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



All The Best

Paul Price


7 thoughts on “Warrior Forum Review

  1. thanks for the review of warrior forum. 

    Is this website in your view better for people new to affiliate marketing than say Wealthy Affiliate or is worse?

    Also can you pay by month or do you pay by year?

    I would  greatly apperciate your views so I can make an informed decision.

    Thanks again


    • Thanks for your time and review of the Warrior Forum Review.

      To answer your question about if the forum would be better for new affiliate marketers than any other program I would say that anywhere there is a free exchange of knowlege makes that place better than most. However one needs to be diligent on how that information is digested and with due research before any action be made.

      The Warrior Forum is a free forum with an upgrade feature that allows one to take part in The War Room. That upgrade is 97.00 annually.

  2. Interesting post…. freelancing is a valid gig, but you need to be prolific to make any real money. Prolific also assumes a broad knowledge on many varied subject. Current knowledge wins out.
    Writing contracts are tightly written and very detailed…..so rambling writers and novelists need not apply.
    Post covered a lot of ground and was detailed….somewhat heavy on background but overall useful and interesting.

  3. Wow, I was really getting confused with all the changes mentioned. Is the Warrior forum similar to SEOclerks? I am a member of SEOclerks and find it great for buying seo packages but not so great for general advice.

    With the warrior Forum are your questions answered swiftly and in a way you can understand?

    • Thank you for taking the time to make a review on Warrior Forum Review.

      To answer your first question on the similarity of the Warrior and SEOclerks I would have to say that I am not familiar with the latter. However on the second question about the time it takes to get answers to questions i would say generally about 24 hours.

  4. I am so impressed that you’ve done a review on the Warrior Forum as I’ve heard many a story and have wondered about the verity of them all!

    Your post has allayed a lot of those questions and what got my attention is that you heard it from a reliable source who is in the know.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to bring this information to our attention about Warrior Forum and to be aware and even perhaps weary of those who take advantage on the forum of unsuspecting ‘newbies’!


    • Thanks so much for taking time to review The Warrior Forum Review. I hope that it will be of some help and if you ever have any questions do not hesitate to contact me through Wealthy Affiliate.

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