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Keywords are like billboards that you see along the highway.


Say you are driving down the (information) highway and see a billboard

advertising a certain specialty store that is located five miles down the road

at a certain exit.


If you have recently thought about a product or had a question pertaining

to that type of store or outlet you will process that information and


depending on if you are just shopping or are in that buying mood, you may

or may not exit the highway and visit the store.


What keyword research is for, can be equated to the store owners thought

process as to what billboard location to use and the words used on the

billboard to get the most attention by a consumer.


If you do not stop on this trip you may stop when you have more time or

that the buying mood is stronger or you find yourself needing something

from that type of store that may make your life a little easier.


That is why you will still see ads pop about things you have searched for on

the net in the past.


It is all about advertising a service or product and getting that information

in front of the person that has shown an interest in something along the

same line.


How do advertisers find someone that may be interested in there service or


Let’s Break It Down

Have you ever asked Google, Bing, or Yahoo a question?


The answer was generated by a very complicated computer program called

an algorithm, that sifted through a bunch of information and keywords that


exactly matched or was closely related to your question and is the very

basis as to what keyword research is for.FROG-SHOUTING-LET'S-BREAK-IT-DOWN


The list of websites that popped up for you

were websites that had used keywords in their


particular type of campaign so that Google, Bing,

or Yahoo could find them


and present that web page that would have the information on a particular

topic that could be associated with the initial search.


This explains another question: “What is SEO for ?”, or Search Engine



Of course, there are other search engines besides Google, Bing, and Yahoo

but these are the major three and I am simply using them as a major



They all optimize there searches and answers in similar ways using

keywords and phrases.


Along with this information, is provided to you through your browser, are

going to be links that further explain your question.


There will be options with links that will take you to a landing or sales page

to products being promoted by website owners and that have had people

purchase products after asking the very same question.


What makes up a good keyword?


A good keyword or key phrase would be like a question asked in a



When you ask a question you ask it in concise terms as to get concise

information in return, hopefully.


I know it does not always work out that way but that is what we are

shooting for, right?


I do know people that can talk in circles trying to say something, but I won’t



Keywords are general phrases that can be

changed for the better or for worse be adding


one simple word such as – and, a, the, or what, just

to name a few.


The keyword phrase that I used for this blog is: What is Keyword Research For.

You may notice that this is in the heading at the top of this article.


Research is the key and foundation of anything successful anywhere.


I know that is a pretty broad statement but I believe it to be true. The same

goes for online endeavors.


First one wants to make sure that any information that could be a factor in

making any decisions is true and factual.


We all know about the dishonesty being perpetrated all over the internet

and many of us have experienced it firsthand. I know I have.


“What is Keyword research for,” can be summed up in simple terms as the

means of the seller finding the buyer using the internet with suggestive



There are many ways or words to express this, these were just mine.

Free Keyword Search

If you would like to do a keyword search of your own just go to the google

search bar and enter a question.


What pops up under your question are similar phrases people have

recently searched in Google.


Then directly behind that same question enter the letter ” A ” behind the

question and you will see a new set of phrases people are searching for in



Then remove the letter ” A ” and replace it with the letter ” B “.


You can go all through all the alphabet doing this and see the different

search phrases being used on any topic.


The keyword research tool Jaaxy will give you information on the number

of searches on a specific keyword in a one-month period as well as the

traffic you can expect if you get indexed on the first page of google.


It will also give you the exact number of websites that have been indexed in

Google that you will be competing with using any particular keyword


This tool is almost like cheating but it’s not. It is good honest intelligent



Jaaxy will give you 30 free searches


( really it is free ) just for trying it



Go ahead and give it a go.

Take Away

These research tools are just part of the things available that will level the

playing field with your competition on the interne get an understanding of


marketing using keywords and intelligent research tools you start to realize

how everything comes together and how you can become a part of the

process allowing you to make money on the internet.


I did not learn these skills overnight and did a lot of trial and error.


I am a member of The Wealthy Affiliate where all the skills and how to use

implement those skills are included in this platform.


You can get a free starter membership for life that will give you two free

websites, hosting and training to get your websites ranked in Google.


Here is the link to my review of The Wealthy Affiliate Academy.


If you decide to join for free to just check it out I will offer you some

bonuses on the inside.


Please if you have any questions or comments about anything please leave

them below and I will get back to you soon.



All The Best

Paul Price

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  1. Hello Paul,

    I appreciate the opportunity I had to review your post and share a comment that is an opinion in which I am sharing with you. 

    First, I thought you had a lot of great information “Working from Home Today” that really hit on topics I am in the middle of sorting out on my website. I congratulate you on your work performance. I didn’t know there was so much involved in creating a webpage. 

    I guess if you are after having a successful page you want it to be flawless to your audience. So. I trust when I am finished I will have the right (Keywords) required to attract customers and traffic. I must say I haver learned a lot in the past month or two that I sent working here at Wealth Affiliate. 

    I wish you much success in the community here at Wealth Affiliate



  2. Keyword research is fun with Jaxxy! I go after low competition keywords where I may get an average of 20 hits a month per article, sometimes more, but I plan to have 100’s of articles so 20*200 is 4000 hits a month. I won’t even stop at just 200 articles so the traffic will add up.

    Jaxxy is really useful to help target these low competition keywords and I would never had known about this without my Wealthy Affiliate membership – so worth it with a lot more features of WA like the SiteComments platform where you can create a buzz of interaction on your website.

  3. Hi Paul,

    I really like how you compared keywords to billboards, that is an interesting analogy and visual comparison. Research is so important and understanding the client’s possible profile. What would person search and type. Jaxxy is a great tool for finding the right keywords. I love the sections Related and Brainstorm because it helps to get new best keywords. I use it for months now and I’m so satisfied. Wealthy Affiliate is a unique opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Thanks for this informational post.



  4. The topic of “What is keyword research for” is very important. One can write all day along things that he or she feels compassionate about, but focusing on what to write about based upon research is the key to success!

    I liked that fact that you provided advise on “free” key word search because… let’s face it, everyone loves FREE!

    Last and most importantly, the link to the Wealthy Affiliate Academy is bang that goes with the buck. Wealthy Affiliate is THE premier means of taking the complex issue of building successful websites, and a favor to all readers who dare to go there!

  5. Hi Paul!

    Yep, the google alphabet soup is pretty interesting. Even before I knew anything about keywords and tools and SEO I always thought it was funny to start typing in that google search box and see what started popping up underneath it. It’s crazy the amount of well, craaaazy questions people ask. I’ve used Jaaxy myself and find it immensely helpful! It’s awesome that they offer 30 free searches too because the info they give out most people pay big bucks for! Thanks for this helpful info!

  6. Hi

    Thank you for explaining what keyword research is for and how it is used. I have found this a very interesting, helpful and informative.

    I like the billboard explanation and your breakdown was so easy to understand.  

    I will be looking at keyword research differently now, because you have shown me how powerful they are in getting my websites found.

    Thank you for also offering a Free keyword Research tool.


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