What is Hosting – Is The Free Stuff Any Good?



Hosting has come a long way just like everything else on the internet.


There was the time when you had to use DOS and enter all the coding

parameters and know a bit of HTML and a bit of programming and a lot of

luck to navigate through the internet.


Things have changed and every budget-conscious entrepreneur has asked

himself one time or another, or thought –


” What is the best free hosting that I can find?”


One progression that hosting has taken is the service being offered free

with a domain and website builder, then all the geeky stuff is done behind

the scenes.


We will touch on this revelation later on down the page.

What is Hosting

Hosting is a service that is offered using the technology to store, on a

remote computer or server, the language that makes up a word, topic, or


website and serves that information up to the internet to be viewed through

the browser that initiated the request for that particular tidbit of knowledge

via a keyword.



Shared hosting is offered by the majority of hosts and is attractive in as

much as it is the most inexpensive laptops-linked-to-bank-of-computers

compared to Dedicated or VPS hosting.



The term shared hosting is just like it

sounds, the server is sharing its bandwidth


to multiple users and they

are sharing the cost of the host.


Dedicated hosting is where the one server is dedicated to the one user and

all the cost is not being split up but is met by that one user.


This type of hosting is needed for high traffic sites where a larger memory

and computing power is needed for things to run seamlessly.


The user gets full access to the server and configures it the way he wants.


Virtual Private Servers or VPS works the same way as a dedicated server

but with less memory and computing power and of course a little cheaper.


Here is a list of some Hosting companies out there:



  • Blue Host


  • Dream Host


  • Fat Cow


  • GoDaddy


  • Host Gator


  • Just host


  • Yahoo Hosting


  • Host Monster


  • Flywheel


This is just a small list of companies out there that I randomly listed.


If you are interested in seeing more just google HOSTING and you will see

why I did not list them all. ” What is the best hosting?” ahhh…well… I have

not really answered that question…yet.


cPanel or Plesk

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that there are probably more

folks using the Cpanel control panel then the Plesk control panel.


Cpanel came into view in 1996 and Plesk 2001. More users started with

Cpanel and that is why I think more people are using that control panel.


I would also make mention that the more modern version of Cpanel is

combined with WHM which stands for Web Host Manager.


WHM is for server administration and Cpanel would be the user interface.

Plesk control panel offers a GUI based interface where cPanel more UI.


These means that Plesk offers more graphical tools and customization with

drop-down menus and the like where Cpanel would have all the basics in a


more static type control panel. cPanel uses less memory but generally will

load faster.


You might say that Plesk is a new and improved panel that is more

streamlined and organized. Cpanel gets the job done but without all the


bells and whistles and the computing power that’s conserved

by the fewer options moves things along a bit faster.


Hosting With a Website Builder – What to Look For

No matter what type of hosting that you are leaning towards, you still have

to have something to host.


Where a lot of you reading this probably do and for the ones that do not

and are just getting started on the internet, I am going to outline what is

available for you today.


There are services that offer a one-stop shop where you can get domains,

website builder, hosting and many other perks such as tracking,

autoresponders, and even training at one URL.HAMMER-WITH-TWO-EYES-AND-SMILING-FACE


You can, however, research and

shop the registrars for a domain,


then build a website, get an autoresponder, then

a tracking system, the list


goes on but I am going to stop here because just getting the domain, website

that you have built from scratch ( no easy task), autoresponder, and

tracking to all work together is just a nightmare, to me it is anyway.


Now for those of you out there that like to do all that techy stuff, that is just

great, but I am not one of you.


I am a fan of automatic or to coin a word, automagic. Here

is a list of services that have some of these tasks rolled into one deal.


They are not all alike and some offer some of this and others offer some of



They all have hosting included, so what would be the best hosting for you is

going to be a matter of the this and of the that which would serve your

purposes the best.


Let’s look at some here:


  • GoDaddy



  • Web


  • WordPress


  • Wix


  • Site123


  • Weebly


  • XPRS


  • Moonfruit


  • Squarespace


  • Webshelf



I could on and on here but they all are website builders with hosting and

marketing tools included. Which is best?


I have taken a look at most of them and they all have points of interest that

could serve the user in different ways with useful tools and options.


Some are techier than others and offer more customization and some are

set up for simplicity.


I personally have sites on Godaddy and Wealthy Affiliate.

Take Away

At one time I thought that the Hosting industry would go by the wayside

and be replaced by the website builders and marketing suites that include

the hosting and different control panels.


I began to realize that certain individuals take pride in the knowledge

gained and ability to organize and control all aspects of the host.


Not too different from the tradesmen that work with there hands and take

pride in there work.


So what is the best hosting? I think it is the hosting that frees up your time

to learn more of the things that make you better at what you are trying to



The most important thing to take away from this is to take the time and do

research on anything you do to make certain that it will benefit you the

most in doing the things that you are trying to accomplish.


Please if you have any questions or comments be so kind as to leave them in

the comments section of this website and I will happy to answer any

questions or assist you with anything that you may need help with.



All The Best

Paul Price

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