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Writing is the bread and butter for a lot if not most webmasters. If you have a website, you are a

webmaster. You are the master of your domain and will be writing blog content.


There are a lot of people that just can not picture themselves as a writer or even trying to sit down and

write an article of any kind. To those of you that think that you fall into this category, I say Hogwash!

You would be amazed at how quickly just typing a few words can turn into an interesting post.


Writing is not something you are going to do perfect the first time you try it. Or even the second. It is sort

of like wine, you get better with time.


If you want some real examples of this read some of my earliest posts. I hope I have gotten better.

Blog Content

Think about something that you really enjoy doing. If you write about something that you have no

connection to your readers will quickly lose

interest because it will be evident in your writing.The Word Blogger


It needs to be something that has many facets to it so

that you will be able to write about it on

a consistent basis.

Maybe years or as long as the topic, through your

content will convert.


Start out with your audience as small as your niche will allow,

cutting back on the amount of content that you will need to write.


The more you write the better you will come to understand the

process and you can take on more complex topics.


Give away knowledge freely in all of your writing. Tips you have found and shortcuts that make your

writing or business in general easier or more affordable will keep readers coming back for more.


Relay specific and easy to follow instructions and use everything at your disposal. Screenshots,

video, and audio are all good ways to not only tell but to show your readers that they have

come to the right place for useful information.


In time as you progress and continue to write beneficial content, people will start to consider you as an

authority and will interact with your website on a regular basis.


They will be interested in what you are doing and what you use to accomplish those things with and will

want to use the same tools or programs that you yourself use.


By having a comment section after each post you will allow the reader to interact on a more personal level,

increasing the value and benefit of the experience.


Always answer every comment or question to further engage your readers and to keep the ball rolling. You

will often learn things from them to help you find interesting things to write about along with angles that

you might have never considered. Learn your audience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating articles that answer questions. Writing consistent content that

always has value will bring readers back time and time again. These readers will follow you and in time

some will be in a down line of something you are affiliated with.Wooden ABC Blocks


You are going to educate anyone that lands on your

page by delivering relevant content that is in line with

your websites overall message.


Your home page and title are all are

introductions to the content that is ultimately going to

give away knowledge to the reader.


Think of your website as a classroom and you are the teacher.


You want to pack in just enough information that is

easily digested without overwhelming anyone and making it feel like a chore.


Your niche is going to dictate how you are going to educate and what is needed by your readers. Trial and

error will be your teacher as long as you persist and keep writing what you feel is relevant, all the while

keeping an eye on your traffic and it’s analytics.


If you have not signed up with Google Analytic yet then now would be the time to do this. Also, open an

account with the Google Search Tool and link the two programs.


Both programs are free and their instructions are pretty much straight forward. You can also find tutorials

inside of these programs.


Try and imagine that your audience is filtered to a narrow interest that is common to one person.

I do not mean your niche should only contain one person, but that if you can interest one person

then you will attract others.


Always ask yourself about the help that you have found in the past and what made it

helpful and interesting enough to the point that you remembered it. Build on that and

create your content, read it, and tweak it until it feels right.

Your average post should be about 1000 words.


Instead of pitching your product focus on making your reader more intelligent. You want your content to

include these properties:

  • Takes the reader on a journey


  • Makes reader smile


  • Reveals secrets


  • Never give up


  • Goals are only goals if you get there.

Content Formats

There are many formats that can be used when writing blogs and creating rich and useful content. I am

going to narrow it down to what I believe to be the most important to the marketer just starting out.

Get good at these and the rest will come.


  • Blog Posts – Write relevant useful material on a consistent time frame.


  • Images – Use a relevant image for about every 500 words


  • Research/Reviews – Always research everything you do including reviews.


  • Video – Video is something that you can ease into after you have established a writing style.


After you have published about 20 posts, or whenever you feel comfortable, start experimenting with

video. Start out with a video that only has your voice in it with screen editing.


After a person develops their own writing style and gets a good understanding

of marketing in general then you can branch out and experiment with other

formats such as:


  • Podcasts


  • Case Studies


  • Infographics


  • White papers

SEO Content 

You will not be around this game long before hearing something about SEO. Search Engine Optimization

and your content marketing plans work together but should not dictate the creation of your content.SEO Diagram

Seo is all about directing a search engines ability

to recognize what your content is about so that

they may categorize, store, and deliver it to the

right person wanting some if not

all of that information.


SEO starts with the title of your post. That title

has to incorporate a keyword that defines the

topic that holds up through your entire article.


In addition to the title you also want to incorporate that keyword within the first paragraph of your post.

No you are not done yet. You also want to incorporate that same keyword in the middle and somewhere

towards the end of your post as well.


Yea, this keyword is important and should be chosen with some inside information.

I try to write these keywords into my post as I go but hardly ever get through the whole post in doing so. I

end up going back and adding content to my post to include these key components to SEO my article.


SEO is misunderstood as being too technical or impossible for the average person just starting out. It

really is not hard and is just knowing a few things about the what and where. Concentrate on these:



  • Meta-Description – Short description for every post that includes the target keyword for that post.


  • Tags – Condensed Titles


  • Categories – Organize your posts


If you are unsure about the above terms or have not had the opportunity to work with them, then I would

suggest you look into some training that will put you on the right track.

You can access 20 free training sessions here as a starter member and it is free forever. Not to mention

the two free websites and free hosting.

Social SEO

Having a presence in the social network world is another way toSocial Icons

be noticed by search engines. Google wants to deliver

the most relevant and popular results through its

search bar.


One way to ensure they are on the cutting edge of

trending topics is to pay attention to the

social side of the internet.


Your links are being found in social networks is an

indication to the search engines that

you are getting on the trending side of things.



Pinterest is coming on strong as being a major network in the

traffic world and of course there is always Facebook and Twitter.

There are many more and your research will point you in the right direction.


Google Plus is shutting down but I am sure Google has a plan to

shift that influence to either a new platform or incorporate it into an

existing one. I have only heard rumors as to what their plans may be.


Supporting your marketing efforts with social networks will only increase your efforts as being viewed as

an authority or knowledgeable source of information. This is an area where I need to spend more time.

Take Away

We have all heard the old saying that time is money. This so true and to add to this I would say that time is

relative to everything including your success as a marketer.


You really need to set up an ongoing schedule when writing blog content

in order to be taken seriously not only by your readers but also by Google and the other search engines.


Writing blog content is something that I have come to enjoy even though my typing skills are next to nill.

The research, taking notes, making an outline and creating headings all start to become second nature as

do the topics to write in order to share information.


I have included links in this post with recommendations to the same programs

that I use in hope that it may be of some help.


I would love to hear from you! Tell me about your online journey!

If you have comments or questions or heck just say hello

leave them all below in the comments section and

I  will respond as soon as possible.


Your The Best

Paul Price


8 thoughts on “Writing Blog Content

  1. Hi Paul, thank you for sharing these tips on how to write contents that will convert. As most bloggers often say, “content is king.” If you want to succeed as a blogger, you need to establish your authority online and this is done by writing relevant articles.

    However, this is where many newbies in the world of blogging like myself often struggle with. Almost everyone reasons that they are not a writer. One thing I learned though is that the more you write, the better you become. Or as you said, you get better with time. 

    By the way, you mentioned that an average post should be about 1000 words as Google and other search engines like longer posts. But what if the topic I am writing about can be explained in words below 1000, should I add  more just to come up with that number? And do you suggest updating old posts from time to time rather than writing new ones?

    • Thank you Alice for your time and comments on this blog.

      I do not have any posts under 1000 words and try to write a long ( 2-3 thousand words ) post once or twice a month. I believe some topics require a more in depth explanation than some and those are the ones that I do the long posts on. As for going over old posts, it seems as though I am constantly  tweaking and sometimes completely re-doing old posts.

      I know there are times that i will not finish reading a long post and that shorter posts serves my interest better. As for Google, I think good content will be indexed no matter the length.

  2. As a marketer we all know how important content is to the success of our online business.  I think you have done a wonderful job explaining things in your article.  I think its so good that you could turn this article into a free give away for people signing up to an email list. Anyone knew to the industry really needs to have a good look at this article Great job Paul

  3. I always had trouble trying to write something for my blogs, but thanks to this article you have made I think I understand why. A lot of the stuff I try to write about is just so random and are just quick sparks of ideas that just die out quickly.

    I see now that I should keep my content revolving around ideas that I enjoy through and through.
    When you get to writing it just keeps going when you enjoy doing so.

    My question is, what if I run out of things or ideas to talk about?

    • Thank you Joe for your time and comments on this blog.

      I understand that sometimes you think you have run out of ideas or get writers block but that is usually short lived as the creative juices start flowing and will carry you through. I actually wrote an article on writers block. Here is that link. Hope it helps.


  4. This interesting blog for a person like me  I would say I am not a writer not that good enough anyway but you have said it takes alot of practice trying to be good then along the way you become better  and the more you are the more confident you become .let me say thenkyou for this blog it’s talking to me in person

    • Thank you Charles for your time and comment on my blog.

      I have come a long way when it comes to writing and am finding myself going back and tweaking some of my earlier posts to make them more interesting and reader friendly.

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